A.utomated R.ecall T.raining


A.utomated R.ecall T.raining does this sound like something devious at first glance? like some kind of new world order mind control scheme? it can be taken that way and used that way but remove the negative filter (probably only created because of the other content in my blog) and let me show you something Memory is stored in our muscle because we also have energetic bodies within our meatiness and house particular issues in particular places. If you google muscle memory you’ll get a lot of talk about muscle training but it also holds true as a metaphor. Look up “mind-body” connection, chakras or symbology instead. Art is a way of expressing within us what we cannot put words to, to be able to release and go beyond our current constraints. There are memories held within your mind and body that can be released in a less intimidating way through art instead of having to face, so head on, the emotional recall connected to the visual or recorded pattern.

“Difficulties abound in life, and for each one, we develop a coping strategy. When difficulties persist, these coping strategies become chronic patterns, anchored in the body and psyche as defense structures. Eventually these defenses create holding patterns in our musculature that restrict the free flow of energy, even when real threats cease to exist.

This chronic tension is known as body armor. It effects our posture, breathing, metabolism, and our emotional states, as well as our perceptions, interpretations, and belief systems. Obviously, since the body-mind system is so affected, we see manifestations in our relationships, work, creativity, and belief systems—all of which tend to perpetuate the pattern.” Anodea Judith

Art helps us to clean our filters, learn and recognize patterns (mental and visual), sometimes its gentle and sometimes its loud, but its a necessary way to exhaust old grievances and misconceptions through abstract exploration and expression. It helps to keep our mental energy flowing like water rather than being stagnant and running off automated programming. Learning to let things flow will eliminate anxiety, worry, second guessing yourself and frustrative indecision. Practicing an art will help clear out our lines of communication that may have gotten mucked up with stored away experiences you don’t want to deal with and create a paranoid and tense environment. Once tension sets in you are less able to control your response time, the disassociation from energetic scrambling due to tension and cutting off of pathways.


Practicing art rather than always ingesting it helps you release these imprints and keep the channels clear and flowing. If you are a writer, which is beneficial, try something less tangible than words and phrases – create something from nothing or a color/sound bank rather than a word one and then later you can describe the art piece in writing (be your own muse) – this will help develop your multiple sensory skills. Movement also works in tandem by helping to release the muscle memory and deep tension patterns that pull us back on the hamster wheel. Beware of false prophets working for the idol/idle man – the dad bod is not attractive – more media manipulation to keep you heavy and depressed ;) i like a good swimmer – keep moving. For those of you who would like to try practicing with a guide/spirit to send signs and work on noticing synchronicities I’ll introduce Arthur :) but first, one of my infamous back story intros…

this will sound like another crazy concept to some and it took me a while, even after living it, to realize what was going on. I was so focused on certain issues during the cam work because i would notice the themes and similarities of each story i would hear about their situations and feelings about life, so focused on the virtual beings i didn’t recognize the spiritual ones were also using them as avatars to get some help/feedback or helping me express myself in communicating with the earthly boys. I didn’t know them yet. Celebrities are easier because the have a more “universally known” identity – i can hear the name and find a picture online to check against my visual impression of their energy – not always the case with the rest of them.
After 2 years of cam work and being holed up in that study I was allowed to begin looking into other people having my abilities – i was so busy getting used to them before i didn’t need any more input and wanted to learn naturally. I came to realize how big and vast the spiritual community. I only had the impression of palm readers, woo woo new agers, tin foil hats and miss cleo when i heard the word “psychic”. but i soon noticed the sprouting of a modern movement.
i was led by spirits to offer readings – something i never really wanted or intended to do but it helped me see just how this all works in the “real” world. I would send a message to someone spirits would highlight to me in the blog member group offering a free reading and explaining why i came to them. The first dozen were mothers who lost sons between the ages of 16-25 to suicide within 6 months to a year before i met them. that put into perspective how big my cam audience REALLY was lol.
Since it was my first experience giving readings in such circumstances it really helped me get over holding back or fluffing up the messages just to pacify. I was afraid of triggering them with certain memories and releasing the heartbreak again. But i held faith and let spirit lead, helping me get over my tension with delivering such powerful and emotional transmissions with a calm tone but unfiltered mouth.  The spirits would visit or hang around me before the readings and give me info, help me get comfortable with their energy so it would be easier to integrate into the 3 way call.
One of them, who remains a part of this movement, came to me and i could feel him as i was looking at my chin in the mirror, i had developed a break-out out of nowhere. He told me this was one of his insecurities but gave me a jolt down my back. My ex husband had this issue and would get to the point of bloody tshirts and sheets, so i knew why he trusted me enough to divulge. While talking to his mother and continually biting my tongue about it i said “he had really bad acne on his back and was embarrassed about it”. she froze, then took a breath and said “i never let anyone know about it – he always wore undershirts and would never take them off – i would wash them for him all the time”
Many stories like this about issues guys face that they aren’t supposed to care about as men – why will be another blog….think of the skipping record from the mental glitch, creates obsession and festering – monkey on his back.
After working with these 12 mothers i realized how essential it would be for me as a mother to be able to communicate with my son and not have to rely on someone else, that would drive me insane, especially since i know we are all capable. not helping others from what you’ve learned would be mean and ignorant. So i decided to jump on the psychic train to help those who wanted to learn for themselves and guide the grieving towards working up to it by releasing worry and being a mediator in cultivating their own communications.
I recently did a reading for the mother of a 14 year old (Arthur – Art) who died by suicide. he is a very advanced soul relative to his age on earth and this also showed physically. he was developing quicker than most in many ways. when this happens we also see the pitfalls much faster than most too.
Boys have dreams of being dependable, solid, loyally dedicated men. They pride themselves on their character and upon realizing the hormonal grip of being a male in this society you begin to doubt yourself, hiding that doubt and coving it with shame, inflated ego, overcompensation, denial and comparisons. But the excuses will never outweigh the desperation and disappointment. This is something prevalent i see in the cam world from the guys who don’t spend much money, if any, but come to find someone to talk to and feel noticed and appreciated in a place that won’t judge them as much.
they don’t want to womanize or be part of the problem but they are in pain too and have no alternatives in a world insensitive to their inner struggles. Not every guy wants to go to a yoga class or if they do get betrayed again by their sore spot or feel like everyone knows their dirty secret and will single them out as a perv. they don’t want to join woo woo clubs or feminist groups, not because they look down or don’t care, but because they can’t relate and what they want is to be relatable and not some horrible cyborg they’ve created as a inner self image to punish and abstain them from something they fear becoming and don’t want to. if they know they are good people and stimulation has such an overwhelming effect (especially on empaths – and not just the pleasure but the sadness)
how can you still trust yourself? how can you be the man you want to be? how can you be a part of and contribute to and enhance the lives of those you love if you can’t control your urges and no one can fully know you. how can you really ever feel loved for who you are if you are always having to hide pieces and compartmentalize yourself, you can never be free and whole except behind a mask and in the grimy dark rooms of anonymity.  they see no escape.
I consider myself a suicide survivor. we live in a suicidal age and generation. but because of the taboo no one talks about their own thoughts creeping in at times in their lives. its actually a natural reaction to the current environment. i’ll go into this more later, as its another cause we are fighting for in this long train of a love revolution :)
Arthur wanted to set the stage for you to keep an eye out for him. call him in if you’d like a visit and play around with the notion. you may begin to notice signs and i’ll follow up with a blog on what you might “see” (or have seen by then) and how they work in our world in relation to the universe. And maybe some more facts on arthur to confirm any sightings you may have considered – don’t want to give too much so you won’t have expectation and added doubt thinking that you are creating the connection from memory recall – happy Arting ;)

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