all around the world, the same song

boys need to be taught how to tame and harness the surge of powerful sexual/creative maxuline energy bestowed upon them in puberty in order to create sustainable habits and healthy self image.

“i just masturbate and don’t care”


FFFFFFFF: i did some stretching this morning. ouch im so stressed

Jennifer: why so stressed? i need some lovin’

FFFFFFFF: too much working and working out. what u mean angel?

Jennifer: someone caressing and kissing on me

FFFFFFFF: sounds so cool. i d love it

Jennifer: me too

FFFFFFFF: id like to be that one

Jennifer: come over here
FFFFFFFF: mmm sounds teasing :) u know u turn me on :P. id like to feel my lips all over your skin
Jennifer: mmmm i’d like that too
FFFFFFFF: id like to lay u down on bed on stomach
and slowly kissing u from neck to feet
kissing and licking your btfl booty too

then would like u to relax and lemme eat u

kissing n licking on you

till u have a deep orgasm on me
Jennifer: yes please
FFFFFFFF: im getting horny just saying u
dunno how much i would eat that pussy
Jennifer: i…

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