girl talks


i’m booked to do interview tomorrow for an LA tv company about working on cams. i spoke to the lady today and she’s open to my story of being on a mission from God and spirit – i just hope i do it justice, send me lots of support on this one – i hope i can speak effectively enough without getting too emotional about the importance of my infiltration – i may just channel a guide to do it for me lol
  • punanymous1: Good luck! You’ll do great  Just let go and let it flow our of your mouth
  • me: that’s the plan – i’ll let the guides gather my thoughts for me and just dump them out lol thanks! xox
  • punanymous2:  what will you say your mission is?
  • punanymous3: Wow! How exciting for you!
  • punanymous4: Cool!!! Ask marilyn monroe as a piggy goddess along for support and in…

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