topless chit chat


ot01489@cams: hi again

me: hi :)

ot01489@cams: the camera froze

me: that’s ok, where are you from?

ot01489@cams: FLorida

me: what do you do there?

ot01489@cams: I am in the energy business, power

me: oh yeah? me too!

ot01489@cams: yes you are

ot01489@cams: nice tits

me: thank you

ot01489@cams: do you have a lover?

me: ummmm…i have a sex life but a real lover for physical and emotional maintenance, no

ot01489@cams: someone you fuck when you are horny

me: yeah, i have guys i can call on

ot01489@cams: when did you last get fucked?

me: friday

ot01489@cams: nice, did you cum?

me: about 7 times

ot01489@cams: did he have a big cock?

me: not really big but not really small

ot01489@cams: where did he cum?

me: on my belly

ot01489@cams: he sprayed you with his cum?

me: yes, i got some in my armpit – where do you like to cum?

ot01489@cams: cum all over a womans face, very hot

me: i do like the heat of fresh cum on my skin

ot01489@cams: you are great babe, have a great day Jennifer.
ot01489 has ended a private chat

i’ll be attempting a yoga nidra/masturbation guided session soon – still working out the format

Relaxation Orgasms: These are difficult to achieve alone because it’s nearly impossible to be totally relaxed while doing some form of genital self-stimulation. My relaxed orgasms first happened in my teens with manual sex from a boyfriend’s delicate touch. During long sessions of kissing and genital fondling, I was the classic Sleeping Beauty. To avoid exhibiting “animal-like” behavior, I kept releasing the build-up of sexual tension by consciously relaxing my muscles. This took concentration but I felt my reputation was at stake. At one point when I could hold back no longer, the orgasm would come and get me. As long as I did nothing to make this happen and he didn’t put his penis inside my vagina, I was still considered a virgin.

Photo on 6-3-15 at 10.30 AM #3


The 7 Spirits of God, 7 Heavenly Virtues, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Archangels and the 7 Chakras



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