yeshua: Good morning, Jennifer, are you a teacher in spiritual healing?
me: i am :)
i write a few blogs on subjects – i have one for a more male audience too :) you guys are coming up fast!
you might enjoy that at your leisure
yeshua: Awesome.. I’m learning a lot of stuff, mainly dream healing and tarot..but want to learn under someone experienced.
Thank you. I will check them out on my lunch break
me: i didn’t formally study under any recognized institution – i learn straight from god – you can hear and read my story here
if that doesn’t scare you off and you want to work with me i’d be glad to – i have a few a’print’eces around the globe
yeshua: NAw. Not scared off at all. Lol. I will look through it and get back to you later today
me: sweet :)

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