earth angel: Hi. Just want to officially say hello!
me: hello! nice to meet you :) how long have you been a part of the CE group?
earth angel: A month or so. But have been reading the blog for a couple of years. How about you?
me: joined not long after i found the blog a couple of years ago – have you lost a loved one?
 just felt an addition to the energy
earth angel:Well yes. Not recently. Why?
Are you “seeing” someone?
meyeah lol
a male
late 40’s or 50s
he’s standing at my computer – like a backseat driver lol
earth angel: Hmm do u know his name
me: may be a guide of yours i think
i see his face – let me see what i can pull from the name – seems to be a celeb – he’s telling me i’ll…

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