meow day long

 dyk: Pic your cat pls
me: what do you mean? siamese?
all pussy is good ;P
35 minutes ago

 dye: Pic cat please


me: are you asking for a picture of my vagina?


me: ahhaha – let me see your big dick

 dyk:First yo

smile emoticon
me: nope
 you won’t even show your face – why would i want to send you a picture of my vagina? just for fun? how is that fun for me?
 i don’t cater to pedo’s and pervs
 dyk:Yo Iam secnd
me: you are nothing
 just an app running emoticons

 dyk: I do

me: do what?

 dye: Please

I send pic my penis ok

Send me pic
me: don’t see it

 dyk:Send me you pic and I send ol pic for me ok

me:if you were a girl what would be fun about sending a picture of your vagina to an anonymous person online?

 dyk:Please , ya

me: fuck off nerd
me: cus you’re pathetic
 dyk:Yo a nice and beautiful woman
me: i know and i’m sick of being hounded by pigs like you -bored white boys with fake Facebook profiles pretending to be a foreigner

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