HOUdude: I can’t believe you’ve seen my cock lol
Would you have ever thought that would happen growing up
me: hahah – no never – but i also never thought i’d had been privy to seeing thousands lol – yoga teachers are used the body and functions – i see it in a different way out of context
HOUdude: How many cocks have you seen lol

me: at least a thousand
all kinds
HOUdude:  How long did you cam?
me: 2 years fully – the last year was sporadic while integrating the psychic work and training i began doing in 2013/14
HOUdude: Is that how you saw all the cocks
me: yes lol – they can pay to cam me
i was like a dick doctor
or appraiser lol
HOUdude: Did you get tired of doing the same thing
I didn’t know if they could only see you or if it was two way
me: yeah – it was just babysitting
HOUdude: Well I feel good that you like mine

me: i felt really bad for the guy with the biggest one – it was like 14 inches and hard for him to masturbate – i’m not sure he’ll ever know what full penetration feels like
i’m glad – you should be proud of that pee-cock wink emoticon
HOUdude: Aww poor guy

I always thought I wasn’t big enough until I was able to give women many orgasms
me: one guy had a tree trunk – like 14 inch circumference – not sure how he’d get that one lodged either
i prefer girth over length if i had to choose
HOUdude: Most do

me: i have a large capacity but you still have to work up to big ones, like real big ones, especially in the throat
i like a medium to large – hefty and hearty :)
HOUdude:  Would you like mine?

me: if my boyfriend had a penis like yours i would be happy with it smile emoticon
HOUdude:  That makes my cock feel good
me: haha – i’m glad – i am the cock whisperer lol
HOUdude:  Hahaha

 I wish I was the pussy whisperer
me: have you ever heard of Om’ing?
HOUdude: What is that?

me: you could call it pussy practice lol
Home | One Taste
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HOUdude: What is it?
me: couples makes “nests” and have practice time examining, exploring and getting familiar with the cunt and its magic :)
HOUdude: That’s awesome I have been told that I eat good pussy but I have no idea what I’m doing
me: ahah – no one does – its more about relaxing the tension and worry and “going with the energy” take the mind out of it and just french kiss it
HOUdude: That’s kind of what I do 😙😙
me: see? you’re a natural – just don’t focus all on the clit – stimulate the nerves around the clit and lips to spread the sensation and enhance build up
HOUdude: Yeah that’s what I did with my last girl Do you like your pussy eaten? My first gf didn’t
 I like licking up and down the lips to the clit
me: i do – if they have a good touch – i don’t like the pointy tongues or when they go over a spot repeatedly for too long – and if they start jabbing away at the clit it makes me want to kick in their teeth lol
HOUdude: Yeah just play with the clit, don’t torture it
me: yes, PLEASE!! some of us girls still have sensitivity and would like to keep it – and neither of us will be happy with the outcome – porn sets guys up for disappointing and disappointment
HOUdude:I’ve learned from porn to a point but know how to listen as well
me: yeah – porn is just basic diagrams
shapes and shit
HOUdude:Exactly, like where everything is
me: yeah lol
 people bring their own story lines and characters to the “play”
HOUdude: But you have to learn how to play with the one you have
me: hopefully!
HOUdude: I remember when I first did it. I was so scared I wouldn’t like the taste
me: haah – i love the taste of me!
HOUdude:I guess you lick your fingers
me: i like to smell them :) 
only the spirits knew that one lol oops ;P
HOUdude: Lol How often do you masturbate

me: on stressful days i have to make myself release the tension and on those days maybe twice – on “normal days” maybe 3 or 4 sessions, unless i have sex, but i get off more than once
HOUdude: Wow that’s awesome. I wish I could release that many times
 I haven’t climaxed in like a week
me: my lovers in the past aside from my husband were all multiorgasmic – i didn’t know most guys weren’t until i got married, i thought he just didn’t find me attractive at first – the practice i’m working on will help with that
HOUdude: Well I’m multiorgasmic too. Once I cum I’m ready to go again. I just can’t do it all the time
me: cool :) yeah – its not always necessary thing
HOUdude:Not being able to get off with a girl. They feel like they’re not doing a good job
me: yeah – sucks for everyone that we’ve been so misled – i’m hopeful that this genetorial round of parents will make the right adjustments
HOUdude:I try to assure them that it still feels good
me: communication is key – until telepathy kicks in for everyone – empathy is making the rounds

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