webslam girl

e-male: How long did you cam?
2 years fully – the last year was sporadic while integrating the psychic work and training i began doing in 2013/14

e-male:Is that how you saw all the cocks

me: yes lol – they can pay to cam me
i was like the dick doctor
or appraiser lol

e-male: Did you get tired of doing the same thing

I didn’t know if they could only see you or if it was two way
me: yeah – it was just babysitting

e-male: I’ve never done the two way

me: too shy or not into it?

e-male: I never had a cam

me: oh ok
e-male: I did the one way a few times
 But it was like a show, not private
me: like a nude group show?

e-male: Yeah, nude and masturbation

me: yea – i did a couple of those to try – very chaotic lol – but you can basically ignore everyone and make some change – i would only do showers in nude chat lol make 10 or 20 bucks while i clean myself
e-male: The site was a pay site that you could take a girl private or just watch as a group
 Did guys always want the same thing
me: some had specific commands and positions – you can’t really get into it when you have to read text, keep changing positions and following broken demands
 some guys would ask me just to please myself how i would if no one were watching
 some liked dirty talk and some liked to talk me through intercourse to test their knowledge and get my facial reactions
 there were some who were just young boys seeing what they could get cam girls to do – i got hazed in the beginning
some guys would come in and act like different characters to see how differently the girls react to different guys
and then there were the freak shows who put on a show for me lol
e-male: Young boys? How young?
me: like 20 ish
there were some underagers stealing their parents credit card and one kid who logged on to his dad’s open account lol but very rarely and they liked to make themselves known usually lol
e-male: Lol how were they? Was it weird
me: i didn’t do private shows for them lol – they would come and visit in chat – one got on cam with his sister – he was like 12 and she was about 14 – nothing perverted they just thought it was funny to be on the adult site lol
e-male:Haha I bet they thought they were so cool
me: adorable lol more interesting than most of the other dudes lol
e-male:Oh I’m sure
 I bet they were giggling the whole time
me: so was i lol
e-male:I would have loved to see it lol
me: the kid reminded me of a cousin of mine – little wizard looking thing with bottle glasses
e-male:Hahaha what did y’all talk about?
me: he wanted to send cam and i was just asking why he was on – how he found it blah blah and laughing about his facial expressions when he cammed – so funny to see his face light up like he was on television lol then he’s like “wanna say hi to my sister?” so i’m like “yeah!” i had fun chatting with them and ignoring the other guys lol – they were getting jealous
e-male: lmao the other guys were like stupid kids lol
me: hahaha – they had no hook, the kids won my attention

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