4D year old version

e-male: So more info about your blog
I get close to climax and struggle finishing off the strokes. Now the head is red and throbbing
me: breathe into the area as you visualize pulling the energy up through your body into your chest and out your eyebrow center – then exhale – then do it again – deep breaths with the visualization

e-male: I’ll try it… I was so close earlier today

I could feel the heat coming over the cock and it looked ready to explode
me: haha energy/electricity is hot

e-male: My balls were on fire lol

me: hahahah
e-male: Look how red I was
me: ouch

e-male: Yeah

Thanks for talking through this with me

 How’s your day going?
me: eh – grey and feels it but not too bad

e-male: Same here… I can’t get motivated

Do you have a good weekend planned
me: not really – i need to work so idk

e-male:That’s not fun

Do you know your schedule for next week yet?
me: no – i’m at the mercy of men this month lol and you know how dependable they are
i thought you were going to be in town or coming for a day trip – i don’t usually have people overnight at my place

e-male: I was going to also see a few of my other friends. I totally understand if you don’t feel comfortable

We can meet like we had planned for dinner and dancing
me: of course!

e-male: Great! I shouldn’t have imposed

me: nah – no worry – the place i have now is such a bachelor pad too – not really set up to host guests
quickies sure but thats pretty expensive lol

e-male: Hahaha

me: i make 180 just for an hour on Skype – guys spend 300 for an hour on cams a lot of “sugar daddies” are just trying to take advantage of young girls by offering like 200
 its really fucked up – they don’t want a “prostitute” but want to financially rape a future one that they create
 guys don’t see how twisted it gets and they don’t notice the predators they become
 and how they create this situation

e-male: They are so wrapped up in getting some they don’t realize

me: its almost like trying to condition the generations into sex slavery

e-male: Exactly

me: so they can sleep with all the women they want very cheaply
 and keep it from their wives and not taint their image
 but that won’t be sustainable – they are moronic robots doing the devils deeds
 and it all starts when they are children and then they have kids before they even notice the problem
if ever
so narrow minded
the brain shifts to the head of the penis rather than the one on their shoulders

e-male: I mean I struggle with my sexual desires not to lead to evil ways. It’s not how I was brought up

me: the catholic system is set up to fail
its part of the exposure – compress the issue into a space and see what bubbles up
not saying its all bad but it has kinks like most

e-male: I was raised to wait for marriage

me: you should have been raised to know how to identify your true love and what that means – and how to prepare for them
we all should have but i’m not sure many know anymore – its been “secreted” our of society for so long

e-male: I waited until I was 29 thinking I would

me: sex is just a physical act – love is deeper and physical insecurity can’t play a part in true union
not just looks but performance and confidence

e-male: Now I can’t believe I’ve slept with 4

me: we send a bunch of sexually lame men out into a porn filled world – what do we expect to happen?
they are in arrested development and easily susceptible to manipulation

e-male: Yes, I remember when I first saw porn

me: they create fantasy worlds and the powers that be are able to pull so much fucking wool over their eyes
by the “fantasy-and-being-secretive-and-ashamed” training
thanks to religion for being the back up
e-male: Yep, I consider myself a Christian and I ask why I struggle with a “sin” so much
 Sex shouldn’t be shameful
me: they have this guy jesus and don’t want to think that he had sex – he never married – but also he wasn’t gay? makes no sense – jesus hung out with prostitutes – he had an understanding of what was going on
why was sexuality left out – if it were frivolous why does it create life – its being  degraded, perverted and downplayed to control people by disabling their power with their acceptance of distortion
it was distorted because it has value and turned into a carnival sham
without knowing the truth you are rendered helpless
e-male: Sex is meant to create life and is taught to be inside a covenant. What I don’t understand is why does it have to feel so damn good and have the ability to control the mind if it was intended to be performed in such a narrow circumstance
me: the porn training has helped to keep you focused on it – the shame helps keep you in the closet too – there are easy ways to learn how to transform that energy – ashtanga yoga was created to help 15 year old boys going through puberty and learning to manage the sexual energy they were taking on – in america they play football – increases the sexual drive with violence and competition – not to mention the influence and draw on the sexually frustrated spectators too impotent and out of shape to perform themselves but watch the ball porn as thought it represents them. thats just one example 
today we see women hooked on ashtanga yoga – that tells you a lot about how masculine women have had to become
single mothers, women taking over in the office work so men can play more golf and have more leisurely day time dates with their mistresses, and we get paid less than men for this slave work and we’re supposed to want fuck them? i don’t like pussy
e-male: Yes you’re right. I was dating earlier this year and was able to have sex with my partner and really didn’t feel bad about it. The relationship ended, but I slipped back into porn and the shame came roaring back
me: aw – dont tlet the monster pull you in – the shame – try watching and changing your view and see if that doesn’t lessen the need

e-male: I need to because the shame is even worse when I watch it and don’t climax, getting zero satisfaction

me: yup – the drug plateau and you’re chasing something hollow – thats how they increase deviation -the need for a bigger secretive thrill

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