Q: Why do so many spiritual masters place an emphasis on celibacy? What is the way for people to practice healthy sexuality without going to the extreme of becoming celibate?

A: It is impossible (and would be foolish) for Me to speak for other spiritual masters, but I can speak for Myself. In all the years of My ministry, and of all the many thousands of people I have counseled, I have only suggested celibacy to three individuals—and, even at that, this was only for a set period of time. While I do not advocate celibacy as a permanent way of life, celibacy is a very powerful vehicle to attain the exalted state of Detachment. For the record, I do advocate abstaining from intercourse before marriage (which many confuse as being equal to celibacy, which it is not). There are many reasons for this, many blessings to be gained from…

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