ca ka

e-male: How was your day?
me: busy and my grandpa died
e-male: Oh no! I’m so sorry
me: its ok – more of sign of bigger things – he was an old perv

e-male: Haha

Where was he?
me: idk – tx somewhere
e-male: So you’re probably not going to make the funeral?
me: nah
e-male: I’m sorry
me: i don’t see death the same way anymore and i wasn’t really close to him – kind of a good thing not to have to go, the family thinks i’m nuts and i can’t stand them – he’s dead – whats the point of going?
e-male: Yeah I don’t see death as an ending, but a beginning
Do they know what you do?
me: i’m sure – everyones a snoop and i don’t hide much lol

e-male: Nor should you. Be who you are

You didn’t hide it from me. I would had no idea
me: hahaha – i dont know what upsets them more – the sexual work or the spiritual

e-male: Wow that’s at the total opposite ends of the spectrum

me: but not – our world has made it seem that way

e-male: Yep. You can be both. I sure am, you probably figured that out

me: i mean spirituality and sexual expression are connected – sex has been distorted and perverted to hide that from people to dissolve/dilute power
and people are conditioned to “like” it or a small percentage of it caked in junk (spiritually and sexually)

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