helping hands

e-male: I tried your breathing with the body movement while stroking.., I couldn’t get coordinated
It’s like a need a separate hand
me: what was the problem? just connecting your body to your brain?
e-male: Concentrating on breathing, moving the pelvis, and stroking at the same time

 When I focused on one or two, one stopped
me: yeah – takes time to help juggle the mind ;) do you feel it has to do with your condition or just too hard to concentrate on so much?
e-male: I think so. I have to force myself to breathe deeply so I lose control of other areas

me: if only i could get guys to do breathing exercises without including their penis lol but they don’t want that
that’s why i ended up in sex work
e-male: Breathing has always been difficult for me… It’s very shallow
me: breathe into your balls!

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