towed up

: hey there how’ve you been?
 me: not too bad – what made you decide to find me here?
: My phone suggested you lol!

 And I agreed :)
 me: lol – thanks phone
: Haha

 What are you up to
 What’s new?
 me:  nm about to run out for a min – be back
: Ok

16 June 19:51
: How’s it going?

me: good
:That’s good :) what are you up to

2 hours ago
: I’d love to hangout with you again soon

about an hour ago
me: i bet you would lol
:Haha I would. Why wouldn’t I though? You’re good people

me: was it you that got your car towed?
: Haha yes, that was so crazy!

 You still live down there, in your tow happy complex? Lol
me: you’re such a douche bag – just fyi – i’m sure any gal who’s dealt with you would say the same
: Do what? Really? How so

me: kinda sad you don’t see it, walking around wearing that jesus cross hoping it will compensate for your assholeness
: I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not sure I know where you’re coming from. i had limited time with you

me: because you wanted it that way – you got what you wanted then completely avoided me until you found me on Facebook years later after your phone suggested me – forgot you were an ass to me then try to hit me up for more sex – DOUCHE BAG!!!!
: I’m not trying to hit you up for more sex. My phone had broken after we met, I didn’t avoid you, I’m not even sure if it was my phone that suggested you. All I know is that fb suggested you. I don’t think I have your number, because I had lost just about every contact after we met.

 I really am sorry, I didn’t mean for anything to come off that way. Wasn’t my intention. I had actually tried to get on touch with you again on pof when I saw you on there. Just checked my phone, I don’t have your number
me: bs (take note ladies – lies lies lies all the day long)
: I’m serious though. unsure emoticon

me: seriously douchey

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