why gsm?

e-male: It’s pretty interesting! But I have to ask, why no video? I get not wanting to make it super sexual, but honestly most people learn better with visuals, and seeing someone arch, or breathe, might help them to follow along rather than just listen.
me:  the whole point is to remove visual (addiction) – it’s distracting
and counter productive, it’s ok to learn a new way to learn…kinda the whole reason for the practice in the first place ;) remove visual dependence

e-male: Ah, alright.

me: how can I teach them to feel or see spirit without visual, because the spirits won’t be able to appear or be sensed until they can stop using the visual crutch – easiest way to help them learn that is through masturbation – they aren’t going to lay there and relax for nothing and if i add a visual its the same problem as porn – mind clutter – they need to silence their physical eyes to engage the 3rd eye
Is anyone understanding yet the importance of removing outside stimulus that controls your visual manifestations and degrades the strength of your spiritual connection?

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