you turn

mr.e-man: What if everything you have ever thought about spirituality was wrong?
What if it was all a tricks and schemes designed for you to fail while others laughed and cursed you.
me: if you are laughing and cursing me then you can’t be very spiritual ;)
what if i don’t care whether anyone thinks i’m right because i know i am
mr.e-man:: Why would i laugh or curse you?
 What are you right about?
me: why would anyone?
i’m right about what i know about the world – not just the physical one most people ‘see’

mr.e-man: People do

me: yes and those people are assholes. that’s their prerogative

mr.e-man: What is it that you know

 They are way more than assholes dear
me: can’t explain it in a short pm message – have you read or watched my videos on my god encounter or spiritual work?
yes they are lol
that’s between them and god – i’m protected
 mr.e-man: What makes you protected? Who do you hail as God?
me: god is god
he isn’t human

mr.e-man: I hope you dont mind me asking

me: not at all :) i appreciate your asking

mr.e-man: How do you know he is God? What made you come to the conclusion that the world is wrong?

me: i never said the world was wrong
 there are things that are misconstrued for sure
how do you know you are you?

mr.e-man: Whats misconstrued?

 Make me a believer
me: perception – many people live in fear rather than love
i don’t need to do that ;) you already know the truth deep down – its about uncovering it for yourself – that’s what i’m trying to help you do with the guided practice, help you find the connection yourself rather than me just telling you shit
but i’m happy to answer your questions

mr.e-man:Are you a spiritual advisor

me: yes

mr.e-man: What is this religion

 You are a very interesting person Jennifer
me: it is not a religion but if you had to pinpoint it i’d say “music is the true religion”
thanks, its not easy being “interesting” ;) but it’s death being boring
mr.e-man: It’s a very hard life being boring
 So have you ever encounterd anything that changed your perception recently?
me: the god encounter 4 years ago – everything has played out as he said it would so far
so no huge surprises aside from the rewards he told me about that were hard to fathom until they happened

mr.e-man:And how did he say it would play out for you?

 What was your reward Jennifer enlightenment?
me: no i was already there lol just didn’t realize the “truth”. watch my god encounter vids

mr.e-man: Is your life better?

me: yes overall – has been more of a challenge but that’s only because of the change involved – all around i’m way better off than i’ve ever been – better off than anyone i’ve ever known ;)
may not look that way on the surface – but i’m way deeper than surface shit
mr.e-man:What belief system did you have before this experience?
me: i didn’t believe in god – only physical phenomena

mr.e-man: And what made you come to realize this was the way

me: i was raised catholic

mr.e-man: What was catholic belief system to you?

 Lots of Hypocrites in church huh?
 Made you come to despise them?
me: watch the damn videos lol – i heard his voice out loud for 3 days – he physically took over my body, moved me and showed me visions and told me about the world, its past and future – for a month or so there were miracles all around me – electricity was at my disposal – everything he said would happen since then has been happening right on cue

mr.e-man: I will watch your videos for sure. I just enjoy this conversation

 How do friends and family take to your beliefs?
me: i didn’t understand the jesus thing at a young age and wasn’t allowed to question it – so i cut out the middle-man and had my own connection to god that i held private and not too important but stopped believing in a “higher power” after getting involved with yoga and feeling the energetic force – from that point i became more “evidence” minded until the god encounter – i’m still evidence minded – i’ve just been given more evidence than most
mr.e-man: What was the bad place in your life then?
 Hardship, death, ?
me: there was none – i know what you’re thinking but this didn’t come from some traumatic event or need

mr.e-man: Didnt think that

me: trauma has been a part of my life as a child – i was able to create a more nurturing environment for myself on my own

mr.e-man: I’m wanting to know, to c if my experience was similar to yours dear

me: well well well please tell me :)
mr.e-man: Lol
From the very very beginning
I was around 15-16 years old
First let me ask….why do you think i know the truth?
me: i didn’t assume that you do, knowingly – but we’re all made of source and are connected tot the truth even if we don’t realize or believe it and god speaks through us in double meaning so of course i’m curious wink emoticon
i’m always interested in what others have experienced – i’ve yet to find someone who’s been through what i have but that doesn’t mean its the only way he reaches us – i find it all fascinating

mr.e-man: I do too.

 I had many tragedies and hardships growing up
 My dad was a Baptist minister. He went to bible college
 I strayed from the faith around 15- 16 I seen alot of things in the church that didn’t make sense to me until recently
 I had my turning point through a few dreams
me: the church doctrine is set to make us question – those who don’t are sheep – god put things in to make those with pure hearts question what they were being told – were they strong enough in their beliefs to question authority or just bow down and bend to the will of another idol?

mr.e-man: You are a clever girl

me: i talk to god :)
i’m not all that smart ;) just sometimes lol he’s the one who shows me
mr.e-man:  You are more clever than you think
 You are right, most are sheep. That is troubling for me
 So what do you do for a living? If thats ok for me to ask
me: it’s true – i’m pretty crazy smart but thats a gift and i try to honor it
what do i do for my work or how do i make money?

mr.e-man:  Lol, both?

Im sorry, don’t say if you are uncomfortable about it.
I do plant work
me: i don’t mind – since the god encounter (he told me i was retired from the corporate world) this happened while i was still on alimony from my divorce
god told me “remember you’re not just a porn star’ this made no sense – i was more of a prude then or reserved in public and my audience was women and children
i needed to study men and get over my fears so god sent me to do webcam work for a few years
then i began doing psychic work once i transitioned back into the spiritual/yoga world and began doing readings for the mothers of the boys who worked with me fromt he other side on the cam stuff

mr.e-man:  Are you happy?

me: then i had to start doing “sugar baby” work to understand that stuff and why and blah blah blah – now i’m finally getting disability because of all the physical stuff i’vebeen through with the changes and my condition – i’ll be getting back pay soon and i think i’ll be transisitionign to a new assignment smile emoticon
happy about work? or with my life? or just happy?

mr.e-man:  All around

What is your condition
me: if there weren’t things i’d like to change then i’d have no work to do – i am a happy person – i’m thrilled with my life and how its turned out – not necessarily the details but the bigger story – yes – i’m honored, appreciative, blessed and i know it

mr.e-man: Not familiar

me: brings on complications when i’m overstressed like my stomach ulcer or seizures – when i get a lapse of it i have to have bed rest – i can’t hold a full time job when i have to stay in bed or risk a seizure or create an ulcer
it’s like lupus
i still do psychic work – i write about 3 or 4 blogs and don’t get paid for any of that work – i could just ignore it all and not help but then i wouldn’t be doing the sex work either – i’d had resided to being an office cyborg – much easier and no backlash from assholes
i lost a lot of friends and family when i told them what happened – he wanted me to see how crappy my foundations were and how weak hearted these people in my life really were
mr.e-man:You are a truly amazing person Jennifer. My path to God has led me to a unique path. I enjoy meeting people along the way.
me: what were your dream experiences – what is your understanding of god?

mr.e-man: It’s unique on its own

 It was troubling for me
 It led me to a very grim reality at first
me: yes:(

mr.e-man: But is ok now

  I lost many friends
me: i went a bit out there at the beginning – the truth is fucking REAL and not real cool
how people are behaving without even realizing it i mean – takes some crazy to get their attention

mr.e-man: You are a very pretty woman Jennifer, why no family. And yes i know how you feel

Never suited you?
me: thank you :)
i love children – grew up taking care of them but i want my kids to have a good dad
i can’t find that lol
so i’ll work on the next generation to help my younger relatives out

mr.e-man: It’s discouraging i know. Good people are hard to find as it is

me: i’ll bring them into the world when the world is ready for them – i don’t have the urgency or desperation for a child – there’s so much that needs attending to before i send them out into that shit
i feel like a mother already and why i do or am able to suck up the humility and do the damn work
mr.e-man: I hear you

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