the age of the girly-man


my dating profile on the sugar baby site:

About Me

petite yoga teacher

love laughing, learning and passion with discernment

PLEASE: discontinue the pointless emails – if you aren’t serious about finding an arrangement then please pass me by – I’m here to find some fun, not frustrating and misleading emails. It’s hard enough for a single woman in the dating world to sort through the masses and I think a lot of you are here because you can’t get responses on the free sites and you’ll trick the girls here into texting back and forth all day with you when you have no true interest in an arrangement but just need a virtual babysitter and cheap ego boost because your wives are sick of you. Thanks in advance! For the rest of you, bring it!!! I’m bored :)

What I’m looking for

“partner yoga” with a feisty dominant who generously appreciates the sacred arts aka funtime :)


  • SomeoneInAusTX: You go off on a rant about emails on your profile and all I get is a smiley face? Ahem! Pot, meet kettle! :-P
  • jennifer c23: you favorited me and sent no message at all – i gave you a novel in comparison ;) you’re supposed to be the man – but ya’ll don’t know how to do that, that’s why you’ve come here to pay us to look the other way at your pussiness ;)
  • SomeoneInAusTX: Sorry I am slow to respond. I am busy reading your novel! I thought yoga was supposed to calm you!!! :-)
  • jennifer c23: haha yes because dating is so frustrating! ;)
    lost that pussy, darn…


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