beer and there

practices: Self Love/Realization Practice and 3rd eye Recalibration for Men and Women

Barres/bars (horizontal – ‘stable’izing/stationary movement) and poles/ladders (vertical -projection/frictional or ‘fixional’ movement) are substitutional and institutional training for free form and improvisational movement.

Barres/Poles: provide stability and support to practice strength, balance and flexibility – they are meant to keep you uplifted and centered. women use them for dance. dance is sensuality.

Bars/ladders: provide fermented juice (ethanol which depletes your ethers) bottles and the ability to lower inhibitions to practice your primal, usually repressed, nature and express (release from within) the mind traps you are ashamed of in your sober and ignorant state. bars keep you tapped into the mother’s milk to pacify your pain or frustration. men (especially corporate momma’s boys who were under suckled) go to bars to watch girls dance while they sip their phalic juice box. men only learn to numb (alcohol/violence) not to feel (sensuality), women began to acquire the additional shame also. Stop acting like it’s your first dance and learn how already ;)


Where’s the beef? ‘cus ain’t no way using a pole in there ;) men (and some women) need to relearn movement, realign themselves with their natural pulse and that of nature to upgrade their emotional gps and increase the volume and vibration of their intuition and instinct.


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.34.40 AM

Self Love/Realization Practice and 3rd eye Recalibration for Men and Women


blew mooning

Photo on 1-26-12 at 9.03 AM #2

I know a lot of my pictures come across as provocative and I like to use the analogy of the sound or sight of running water when you really need to urinate. It might trigger you if you’ve really been holding it in and not letting “it” out enough or to the fullest extent and you end up pissed…on yourself or pissing on another.

You can see the difference in pictures and revealation in my “accounts”

Pre god encounter:

Post god encounter:

and of course my “work pics” for the blog and fun are a part of my creativity, use of media to speak on different levels, to combine two different and disconnected worlds for transition and my pictures (im-prints) are, as always, my art = communication. They say more than what the simple minded can interpret, are authentic and genuine but I don’t go around waving them in peoples faces. They are placed in my personal spaces which you are allowed to choose to breach the borders of, I’m an open book – realtors and actors, performers etc. tease and peddle themselves to promote their work, i don’t…there is no trap in my lure, and though many aren’t used to that, all you’ll find here is humble assistance, full disclosure and transparency. I’m sorry if that’s too much for a grown being to handle. Sorry to others for the damage you’re causing in your influence but thankful for the example to expose the thorns of the moralities that have been distorted and fed to you through a false parent.

My work is my art – it is Free (my time is limited) and free from the taint of money. God provides for me, I make nothing from the blogs. It hurts the actual business I have coming in from the spiritual side because of the taint of a sensual woman but I still make $50-100 a month from those interested in my work and writings about spirit and I do a ton of free counseling ad training with that too.

Look deeper than image, inform yourself before becoming a gutless and easily triggered prick because you aren’t taking care of your own needs and instead sticking your nose in to the buttcrack of someone else’s holy business without putting yourself first in their shoes :) Nothing I post is out of line with what you are already exposed to in media. I’ve bet many of you ladies have your gossip porn mags on the bathrooms just like the men and their playboys. Don’t get mad that you’re an outsider looking in ;) and don’t knock it til you try it, loving yourself is pretty fucking awesome :) we can teach these old dusty souls a thing or two.


If my pictures offend, anger or upset you, I’m only calling attention what is just under the surface. That fever and infection needs to be addressed, time for inflection. Instead of attacking me take a cold shower. There is a thin line between sex and violence, you choose the exhaust.

Today I fell asleep early and woke up at about 2 am At 3 I was hungry and too lazy to cook so I wen to the 24 hour taco cabana for a really dry brisket taco (crumbly dry brisket tasted like chocolate :~o). Then I went for a drive in the hills. The moon was so bright and full I could see moonbeams coming through the cloud like sun rays.

photo 2-8

I tried to get a picture and God swept the clouds over a bit. He says “Somethings are meant just for you to see. I am available to others and while I appreciate you taking the time to honor the moment, this one is about bathing within it. Some people covet sensuality and withhold their moonlight. And some abuse the moonlight and take it for granted. Imagine if I were to withhold my grace and beauty out of fear of not being appreciated, I give in spite of that knowing it is the only way to feed my garden, all of you. Your garden is yourself. Your moonlight is my grace. It heals and inspires others of me. Don’t let hate dull your Love. Enjoy nature. What others interpret is their own darkness because they fear the moonlight. The sting of truth, bliss and creation.”

The Feminine (moonlight) is a very sacred gift. We move with the tides of the ocean, clearing out negative energy. We ingest, reflect, analyze, transform and bleed out toxic emotions and patterns. We swell with the moons and the tides (ideas) and regulate the rhythms of mankind with our oceans of grace. Don’t let that become stagnant and viral. Stress, masculine tendencies and birth control can block us from hearing the heartbeat of mother earth. Move your body and retune your beat to your natural movement and flow without restrictions and control by patriarchal or matriarchal molds and expectations. This applies to men and women, we all have yin and yang within us. Take time to bathe in and enjoy your own moonlight and recharge while others bask in your glow. You are light that cannot be caught and contained without your participation. If you feel tainted, clean your filters ;) xoxo



Lady Madonna: children at your feat

typical spoiled “white boy guilt” behavior across the globe: pick up lines by the guys who aren’t “too shy” lol mostly shy and insecure boys looking for  attention, a cum dumpster/wet nurse and superficial approval


6 minutes ago

e-child: Hey 😛 x

me: hello :)

e-snail: How’re you?

me: i’m good thanks – you?

e-snail: I’m good thanks! Your hot x

me: well thanks so are you :)
i’m sneaky too lol ;)

e-snail: Where you from

me: austin tx – you?

e-snail: I’m from Manchester Englandx

Have you got snap chat x
me: nah i don’t do that stuff
e-snail: Skype lol
me: waste of time – all fantasy – there are plenty of sexy pics and vids of me here:
personalized interactions and my time/effort are not for free to strangers (my work is my charity) – i was webcam model – if you want that type of babysitting it’s $3/min :)
e-snail: Omg your so hot
me: thank you :) lol

e-snail: Download snap chat x

 me: no thanks hon but you go have fun xox
e-snail: I would have slaved for you 😈
me: oh yeah? then pay the $3/min lol
e-snail: I’ve no money only pay day tomorrow haha
me: i guess i’lll see you tomorrow ;) xo
e-snail: Yep haha! X
(yeah right)
me: ;)
reply: “This person can’t get messages right now.”
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.48.24 AM
(he blocked me because he can’t get free pussy and he’s ashamed of treating me like a dispensable slut or a baseball card,  that’s the typical m.o. of a “nice guy”: running and hiding from facing the truth of themselves and their behaviors, sweeping it under the rug because they are  too immature for responsibility or accountability….ahem…religions aka. “sluts”: relieving obligation in exchange for slavery by rearranging the truth and feeding you a line or “pretty” story…’jesus’s go fishing/fiching) 
1363584064751_jaimebaxtermy algorhythms
full cow for organic heterogenized “milk” distribution 
(milking my attention)
on-line tap: only $3/min lol
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.13.28 AM
this one’s on me :) xo
19 minutes ago

: Hi

me: hello – don’t remember me?

: Of course i do.. I only blocked you because I thought you was a fake profile

 But cleary your not if you’ve added me on this one lol
me: oh lol – why would it be fake? that would be a lot of work for nothing

: I know! Can you please delete that thing you’ve posted in that page?

me: why should i do that?

 :Because I can accpet you then

 And I was seeing if you was a fake or not.. I didn’t block you like that
me: i don’t care whether you accept me or not – you need to accept your situation and your behavior in order to lead a more productive existence- get girls that want to please you
then why did you tell me you’d see me tomorrow?

: I understand lol and I only get paid tomorrow

me: but then you immediately block me – you dont have to blatantly lie, what is the compulsion to do that instead of saying nothing?
so it doesn’t matter when you got paid
: I honestly thought you were fake and a scam sorry
me: you’re the scam hon ;) i’m a female in a sick world – imagine…
 :Haha I can imagine
What you doing
me: nm – about to get something to eat and take a drive – just got up from a nap to work but i need a quick break :) what about you?

: Nothing getting ready for work my self, I’m so tired though can’t be bothered

me: what do you do?

: I’m a chef :)

 Listen please will you remove that thing on that site x
me: why do you care?
no one will treat you as you did me and add you just to fuck with you
you’re ego is too big – you’re nothing special – by that i mean different. don’t worry about the judgment of your peers, they are the same. don’t worry about the women because your approach will push them away anyhow. you were screwed before you met me ;) this is no shocking news flash to anyone, you’re only fooling yourself


lesson 2: bi-polar shift (yin/yang)
We can address the issues that hold us back creatively and mentally.  We can wear down the lumps in between that restrict integration and create compulsions or distorted cravings by creating a habit of holding in too much (or what I consider and interrupted or congested circuit – a sputtering vibration).
By addressing the psychological issues a that attack us, as we relate to the physical sum of our parts, we also address our mental body, directly affect our ego body and spiritual nature (which is hard to intellectualize and therefore hard to diagnose) leaving us in a state of frustration and confusion about what we really want and who we really are in comparison to our societal roles, extremes and delusional barriers.
Find some playtime for yourself. even if it’s just playing with makeup or outfits when you’re bored, even if you have no where to go. Create a story and play to release and help see-saw the walls down.

we’re all just different flowers and sources of inspiration and appreciation if we are willing to blossom and risk expanding our field of vision for a ‘broad’er vs. bordered experience. xxxoooxxx!!!

selfies: candid training

lesson 1: abundance

Most of us have iPhones (or an equivalent), and you can delete the scraps, but taking continuous shots rather than obsessing over a pose (even just waving the camera around slowly in front of you and ignoring the camera) will help you to:
  • catch yourself off guard
  • practice looking natural
  • slowly getting comfortable with your true reflection
  • be able to relax and not react to a camera with facial tension (duck face or stare down/tense face)
  • see/play with different angles by “mistake” that you didn’t notice
Remove control to let god become your photographer and allow yourself to come into focus from the periphery. this is a third eye recalibration exercise :) xoxo
IMG_4640IMG_3722  IMG_6606

pubic census: loving our feminine body

me: i need some advice or feedback – as a forum for promoting loving body image and a safe place to build confidence, what do you think of this idea? “women body appreciation photos – artistic shots of face and body parts or style” i used to be a photographer and from my webcam work have had to shoot myself – knowing your angles and the camera tricks can help boost confidence and see behind the illusion of other “perfect” pictures – also practicing art can help you define your lines ;) and understand proportion in pictures and background
Image 1IMG_1687
maybe not as bold as this but along the lines of studying our landscapes and seeing the art in our bodies? this took a lot of time and effort of getting over smaller hurdles, shyness or learning the art of self photography to observe and inspire ourselves – ideally to have a place for transitions, learning, observing and explorations to feel supported and normal?

ms.tresses: hey hey my love
have you got a FB profile as Jennifer Gee? I just got an FB invite and every so often one of your male friends try and friend me and as I cannot see anyone else in common I just ignore. Just letting you know – cos of the creepers you have on your page.

yeah i had the same idea my love.

SO questions are – if its for women – how can you make it that you keep the place a non perv one i.e. its not for men looking for women getting their kit off…so you need to look into that – HOLDING SPACE…

I don’t think the image above is shocking but i glanced at it originally and just thought it was kink and the lines were bondage…;)

yeah ohhh when i was looking at my naked exploration – it included photographing knees elbows toes even – just because some people are actually weirded out by those places on their body too? i have one friend who shaves EVERYTHING off. she s hairless everywhere and i don’t think she s ever seen real women, i.e. of all shapes and sizes with and without hair -just the pornified images out there…

if its about art and the body…and as part of this exploration and celebration of the body – I’m sure the questions that come up will be slightly different…

me as me though? I’m a bit more rigid than you so I’m not your perfect client. i wouldn’t ‘follow’ a woman who shaved her lady parts – because i would feel it would promote women as little girls and the sexualisation of little girls – merging those boundaries between woman and little girls by making our vaginas look like a childs…

but but but you are divinely led. when we create the truth is we don’t really know the why the why comes after the fact so you have to, you have to trust your nudges just as you always would.

women are desperate to see themselves as beautiful and represented…

i guess though id encourage you to show more of your vulnerability though somehow – not just fiery intellectual sexy you…more of your discomfort and journey…just a few words would be enough…otherwise…i don’t know again that just my point of view and preference…otherwise – because you are slim and look so OUT THERE as you are NOW it would be easy to project the idea that you are fearless and always have been, you are physically confident because you have the “perfect” body…does that make sense? that could be a bit of a double standard – women will envy you if its just you and pics…and if that IS your yearning…then maybe lay off describing it in terms of body confidence (people will get that away) and make it a place where YOU are expressing yourself through pictures about your body…

And people can enjoy and yes commit to projecting the heck onto you – like we do with all good artist’s…?

its a dance…reality and art merge so much in this space we are co-creating.

Anyway its a great idea honey. yeah. but if you want other women to take photos and share their story then get rid of the nerves and make it a space where people have to have some kind of special key to open the door to your magical kingdom…just depends the how you are trying to support and inspire women really…if you don’t want active participants who are genuinely on a difficult but beautiful body journey – then you don’t need those boundaries
– they’ll witness you express yourself in the face of men who don’t get it…and women will worry for you, admire it, be intrigued by it…all those things…it will press buttons – and the question there is IS IT FUN FOR YOU? How can it be even more fun, or meaningful for you?

ok babbling.

i know you can take me being honest about body hair stuff. one day it will all just be natural and fun. hair and no hair will mean nothing at all…but right now thats how i tend to see it…

i was sexually harassed so habitually as a young woman and because my dad was also violent – it feminised me from a young age really…ive only started shaving in the last 5 years and letting myself off the hook for wanting to fit into societal standards…so thats my context for my point of view and rigidity! ;)

we’re all good hey !!!!!

love you!!!!!!!

me: i understand very well and respect that perspective :) i had the same thoughts and still think of the psychology and also how some races are somewhat hairless – having been  molested i would mutilate my vagina by plucking hairs – same kind of issue like your friend – i would do it so that during my 20-something party days when i would drink just in case some guy wanted to try to take advantage of or rape me i would claim to have some disease to hopefully diffuse the situation and it also acted as a sort of chasity belt to keep myself insecure enough to remain inhibited out of insecurity, a line of defense – i guess part of why i stay clean is to face and take back my whole me and not parts to desexualize what has become uncomfortable for people – shine the light on the dark but def the page would be more like you were saying hands feet, neck line, jaw or silhouettes – that’s the kind of stuff i started with :)
thank you so much for the feedback – you have a lot of wisdom to bounce off of :) xoxoxo
but also on the hair subject – i was hairy for the first year of cam work – the only time i had shaved before that was a few years before i got married because i wanted to kick the habit of “picking” an allow my skin to heal – shavings like exfoliating once you get over the razor burn in the first few weeks (i’m sensitive) i like the softness but there are benefits to hair too – i really only miss it the first day of losing a grown bush while i adjust my sweat glands lol
i’m pretty blonde down there so i could go about a week or so without shaving and it would still looks hairless on cam cus mines a bit fuzzy lol
i rarely need to shave my legs from a visual stand point, you don’t notice until you touch them lol
i’m flattered too :) i don’t see my body as perfect – i didn’t realize i was a “pretty girl” or, more accurately, Beauty-full until days into my god encounter at the age of 30 – and in school i was a shy, smart so somewhat alienated and overweight – i purposely make myself sometimes post pics i feels i could look thinner or more (or less) “whatever” in and then think why post them? but i don’t want to hold myself to only celebrating my body when i’m “thin” or hit a goal like i’m trained and i am very happy with it overall – thrilled with many parts :) i don’t like being too thin or losing my softness and butt – my insecurity at the moment are my once again shrinking breasts, i like the feel of them full – my pecs began to get too manly and i sweat my tits off lol – they plump up again in the fall but i don’t like feeling too “flat” and not just in the chest :) i think fullness on different levels is beautiful
i’d def have to spend some time verifying accounts but maybe start in small groups to have more personalized feedback or test it out –  any ladies are up for the challenge? send me a message :) guys… i have ideas for you too but ladies first ;)
ms.tresses: Oh wow hon. Oh wow. Yes I see yes always good not to judge the fact that we are in some way finding and creating our own body stories re hair no hair etc etc my friend sees her own body and own sexualness through the male gaze. I actually am so triggered by it I can’t be around it anymore. She holds herself in such a way and takes selfies that are all about looking at her ass or cleavage and she talks of wanting to be a stripper around guys knowing there ears prick up and then gets literally f…ed. ..but she hides her true needs. She pretends it’s ok not to experience orgasms with men and that the size of his bulge really does matter. So she thinks like a man with no heart. It’s horrible
But yes back to you. A place for beauty and conversation about the body…even that which you shared with me . Important too because women are conditioned to judge each other as opposed to encourage
It’s all such triggery stuff really
So yes yes
Go you
And sorry to hear about those bastards and the need to hurt yourself or create boundaries on that way…but u r amazing and u know it honey
And u r gifted with a mind and capacity that radiates out freedom is mine I’m having it.
Thank u for all that. xoxo

me: thank you!!!! xooxx :) a gift in a beauty you are

i’ve had friends like that too and it is ‘disheartening’ ;) one really important thing god taught me (fuck data) but was how to appreciate myself so that i could understand and fully feel the love and appreciation of another – to see what they see and know why they love me lol and how i could be “irresistible” or “beautiful” in seeing my silliness and goofiness, how funny i am, how beautiful i look in certain light – i never thought to look at myself in a desirable (not just sexually) light from a spectators view – like i was always mean to “stay out of the way” for someone better – if i got anything good i was just really lucky and treated like glass but usually ended up smashing it lol

 you’re so sweet and my heart give you big hugs over there – i can feel your love and understanding – that makes the world much more beautiful in my days – thanks for being a part of my journey :) xoxo

ms.tresses: awww honey. you’re very brave. and no matter what opinions others, myself included, deem to have…you cant do it wrong really – especially when you’re that connected – receiving clear nudges through your body about what the next step/leap is for you…
your boobs are beautiful!
i get that you are not trying to say BETTER – but other women will project stuff anyway.
honest communication like we’re having DOES liberate us all though.
which is why we also clickity click
because you are very honest
And thats what we got
its the only place to start really.

So yes id go for it.
Im always here to talk.
I dont like to get too much into the territory of porn and men and women stuff
i get too anrgy and depressed and lose the bigger picture
lose my light
its not why im here anyways

so i may not always be able to contribute
but ill do ma best awesome lady

look after yoooooou
i know you do
sometimes i drop on your page and i want to punch a few faces ;)
but i also get that you do attract them and they think you’re game for stupidity

yeah i dont shave down there VAGINA at all
just legs when i have to. lol.
im also very lazy.
and part of this ascension doo dar has also meant acknowledging i have an actual body and loving it is very important!

but my god woman as one ages – it really does grow you know
i kinda hoped it might thin…;)
he heee
its like a forest
untouched by civilization
so ive taken to trimming occasionally
but i kinda quietly resent the idea i have to do that to be deemed acceptable

i suspect that one day
when im no longer doing front of house
ill go through a stage of unkempt
purple hair

simply because i HATE having to do anything

look presentable
and then i get addicted to it

Anyway my lovely lady…

look forward to seeing what you create.

your bum bum is very lovely
and your boobs too.
i know its how you feel that counts though of course!

you’re just gorgeous!!!

and you would be really no matter what
soft or hard

big big hug to you!

me: aw thank you honey – having your support and mind/heart to bounce mine off of is enough – i’ll keep you posted on how things go or for more ideas you may have on ways to approach it – i think your position and perspective is a valuable counter balance and help remind me of how i felt before being exposed to this world of male confusion – time to remember my roots and help those in ways that i was gifted by spirit – i LOVE my ladies – and they need to see what i see

abs Group 60