weeding eden


e-male: I dont think a lot of people get what youre trying to explain.

me: yeah – but more are this year than in the past few years lol
 so its getting better

e-male: somehow…a lot of people show the enthusiasm as a sign of apathy

me: blows my mind too – it’s all soooo fucking obvious to me and most of the time all i get are freaked out looks and “hope she’s ok” concerns lol

e-male: and nod their head like a Busta Rhymes song.

me: i’m ok – as for them…..wake up!!!! lol

e-male: I feel like giving them one tight slap on their ear…so that there is a fluid imbalance in the head and they hear a ringing sound and then ask then…why the fuck are you agreeing to stuff if you dont have a clue what its about? Retard!?

Why dont you ask questions and try to understand if you want to understand?
 Their reply…”sounds too complex man. I don’t have the brain or the time for it.”
me: but the mind control they are under is also complex so they have the prefect brains for it lol – pick your poison right? people don’t have the time to actually “live” life for themselves, they’re too busy lol

e-male: Well…Id prefer a poison I made myself than something someone I dont know administered

me: yup
 vaccination/indoctrination type debate

e-male: yeah, and you know…I seldom take medicines. the last medicines Ive taken per se was last year for a kidney stone attack and before that in 2006 when I got malaria. I just let my body self heal and it works

me: you’re very smart dude – thanks on behalf of the universe and the unknowingly puppetized
e-male: I think smoking weed has something to do with awakening your mind.
me: relaxes tension for the energy to flow but relaxing for some people is scary – like removing their grounding, tension becomes like a familiar womb

e-male: most of my weed smoking friends can think pretty far out ideas.

me: it is a gateway drug but a gateway to heaven lol – not always necessary but not harmful

e-male: One ability I have is to connect a lot of ideas together. or rather…I keep searching for the connection. thats why when im talking to people…some think I jump topics too quickly and its confusing.

me: i can understand that, it’s multidimansional thinking

e-male: Like I jumped from your prostitution to buddhism to egypt to geometry

me: diamondtional
 like a prism – like god :)

e-male: ah…I thought auto correct was fixing dimensional

me: connect to many facets at once
e-male: yeah…i find it very easy to do
me: it didn’t correct my first attempt lol but the second was intentional
e-male: haha
 somehow by default…im mentally connecting things I see all the time
 like when im at a traffic light and I just crossed it at yellow and the guy behind me got stuck in red…for the next 5 mins id wonder
 what if he was going to an interview and he got late cause of a traffic jam that built up on the way cause he missed the signal and he was late and he missed a job that would have changed his life.
 I should have just given way since I wasnt in a hurry really and then feel bad for the next ten mins,
me: mentally its dimensional thinking – it plays out biologically like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia

e-male: yeah…i was reading about this. around 2000 people in the world can do it. i think its the wiring from sensory organ to the brain being a little tangled

me: i’ve had it all my life – always looking for others but only recently am i discovering them
 it’s not tangled- it’s the correct way – how do you think mediums sense multiple energies? that’s one aspect of it
everyone without the “condition” is still behind in evolution…the non synthesizers

e-male: lol…makes me feel like a mutant.

me: nope – its the inevitable – we’re just arriving in the early group and have to wait for the others – sound all too familiar? lol
e-male: yeah…been looking for people with similar interests for years
 yes it can be…a strong collection of chi forces can change electrical impulses around a region
changing a 1 to 0 or vice versa
thereby altering the Matrix….haha
me: like transferring the sexual/sensual energy to the brain ;)

e-male: how? I didnt quite follow

me: the sensory work i’m working on – the guided masturbations are meant to help redisburse energy to more easily untangle glitches or “kinks”

e-male: hmmm

me: is that not obvious either?

e-male: so how does it effect the brain? the first part i understood partly

me: the brain or thought pattern is based on the neurological pattern, the electrical pattern or energetic pattern – untangling the larger energetic network will fractally influence the same change in the thought/mental patterns

e-male: aaah so its on a broad scale. very randomised…

 me: yes – same pattern – imprint/stamp but different networks but all intertwined into a larger one, infinitely – fractals – you can effect them in both directions or all directions, multidimensional radiation

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