your $ baby: poly-amours

me: tonight i have a date – just karaoke, but his wife just happens to be going there with her boyfriend so this will be an interesting peek into how those people roll – my go to song is “imagine” but i think i might cry! lol
i will not be joining them in bed but wouldn’t it be funny if i hit it off with her boyfriend instead 
e-male: How’d it go last night?
it worked out ok – i made some extra cash lol but his whole date set up was kind of a flop – i had to save the night lol
 you can tell he’s a submissive man – used to his wife doing all the aggressive work but he tries to act dominant ;)

e-male: LOl

 So how did you save the night?
me: i wanted to leave the karaoke place and he followed lol

e-male: And did the other guy not show, was that why it was a flip?

me: i didn’t even get to sing – horrid for a first date – too loud to talk so i was just sitting there watching bad singing lol – could only take so much, my nerves aren’t used to the noise of really crowded places these days
 and there was a whole group of alt lifestyle people – they’re always trying to convert or center the convo around it

e-male: Hahaha how’d you survive the night?

me: i’m used to babysitting – patience :) the clock moves faster when you don’t watch it lol

e-male: Nice. Well glad you made it out alright.

me: i got a good fucking but i’ll decide later if its all worth the trouble to keep him around

 guys just suck at foreplay these days – the fucking isn’t worth it most of the time

e-male: Oh you did? Did she play to?

me: it wasn’t like that – another blown up misconception of alt lifestyles lol

e-male: Ah

me: they are couple who began swinging 3 months into their relationship, he’d had dated his two female roommates (the only relationship in which he ever cheated because he felt left out) she was a five year lesbian previously and they weren’t going to swing at first, wanted to leave all the extra curricular out and try an intimate relationship – but got back into it after just 3 months at her request and 15 years later have gone through having couple sets, then that gets too hard to pair so they moved to singles and just do their own thing – was like they were friends and she was with her date and he was with me – they just blended into the other strangers – the guy was kinda shy and you can tell his wife kinda looks out for him lol
 so nothing lurid like that – but one of his other lady friends holds lifestyle parties and was all about me joining them next time – no thanks – buncha lame middle aged people looking for pretty people to fuck to make them feel cool and not old
e-male: Ah gotcha. So we’re you all in the same room or did you go back to his place and back to the other guys?
me: i wanted to leave early – we were in a packed karaoke restaurant – only one small room with about 50+ people – was very loud, bad karaoke and too much noise to hear anyone – i wanted to go home alone but he obviously wanted to come so i got a few extra hundreds and did my babysitting job
e-male: Ah okay now i understand
me: we went back to my place of course – i’m the mommy and the boys can’t take me to their place (either have roommates, wife, kids or parents – rarely is a man actually independent), his wife had the apt for he and her bf so he had to stay out until midnight – ended up keeping me up til 215 and i’m exhausted so not sure if he’s worth the trouble: high maintenance and attention needy – like most swingers

e-male: That sucks

me: that’s life – its always like this with men – but he’s a nice guy – just never learned to use his balls because he bows down to dominance

e-male: Haha I didn’t know that, figured those types would be more laid back

me: illusions

e-male: Gotcha

me: people create their own fantasy out of stories – rarely are they that way in reality – that’s the work of tv manipulation – set you up for failure or disappointment with unrealistic expectations

e-male: Gotcha

me: you would think he would have been better at sex, with all the partners and orgies but he didn’t seem to know what women like even still lol illusions!


me: he said he’d won a contest for BDSM – a costume contest – i’m like “what does what your wearing have anything to do with pleasing a woman?” lol we’re not men and led around by our eyeball leashes – he def wouldn’t have won the practical

e-male: Haha

me: some guys i can help and train – this one is a big project – i may just leave it to his wife to deal with lol
and the whole “at least they are open in communication and not cheating and lying” well his wife doesn’t know he uses sugar babies (harder for the swinger man to meet singles than the swinger woman) so he doesnt tell her about the money – she would be as upset as if he were a “traditional” cheater – so still the same pattern issue, compartmentalization instead of integration, in a different aspect
e-male: Yea that does sound like a big project and open to problems
me: just another annoying toddler needing a mommy so i have to go into “labor” lol

e-male: Sad but sounds true

me: thats what happens when children keep having children – they never learn how to teach them to be adults

e-male: Lol


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