4 the defunct

Mo-ron: hey its you photo?

me: yes

Mo-ron: very sexy

me: ok
Mo-ron: are you wearing something?
me: yes, you have a gutter mind

Mo-ron: what?

me: why would you ask? you can’t post nudity on fb
think, moron
you can see the bottoms – they are red – i’m not a baboon
Mo-ron: so whats up?
me: nm

Mo-ron: nm???

me: not much

Mo-ron: can you take a photo?

me: yes, i’m a great photographer

Mo-ron: take and send me

me: no

Mo-ron: ????

me: you already have one
 and why should i?

Mo-ron: so?

 i like to see
Me: do you think i like you just because i responded to your message?

Mo-ron: no i dont think that

me: i dont understand why you would demand a photo upon just adding me as a friend – that is rude and pig headed – i’m not your toy

Mo-ron: so what we are friends now.

me: we’re not anything

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