Broken records: more mo-rons

25 June 15:54
Fallen1: How are you? Where you living these days?
me: austin – you?

Fallen1: Still in deer park. I wish you were here, I’d ask you out if you’re single. What you doing nowadays?

me: well thanks – doing too much lol

Fallen1: Well do you ever come and visit? Are you single by the way? You look amazing

me: i don’t but i am single and thank you :)

Fallen1: I’m disabled now so I sit at home most days by myself. It’s pretty lonely

 You’re welcome
me: what happened?

Fallen1: I was in a bad accident about 2 years ago and almost didn’t survive. I broke both legs severely and was life flighted. Then during surgery I had a stroke so my left side is weak. I was in a wheelchair for about a year but with a lot of hard work and therapy I can walk again but with braces on both legs for now. Can’t use my left hand yet but I’m never giving up

 Send me a picture of you please. I need something to lift my day.
me: well good for you – you shouldn’t give up and anything is possible :) there are plenty of pics of me on fb and my blog – i’m sorry for your situation but i’m not a whore

Fallen1: I didn’t mean to insinuate that at all. I hope that’s not what you think I meant

me: what did you mean?

Fallen1: There’s not really a bunch of pictures of you, but I see there are some. I just meant one regular one with your beautiful face. I didn’t mean naked or anything. I didn’t know that you had a blog

me: i have a few :)

Fallen1: Oh ok. Cool. Well if you ever come in town, give me a holler. I’d love to see you. I’d love to talk to you sometime again too. I don’t believe in long distance relationships or even if you’d be interested. I just want a woman in my life that we care for each other. However I know it’s been years since we’ve talked

16 hours ago

Fallen1: How are you?

 Where you living nowadays?
me: austin :)

Fallen1:  Oh that’s cool but I sure wish you lived back here so I could ask you out. That is if you’re single

me: well thank you – i’m kinda single – not committed but not really looking to be with what’s out there either

Fallen1:  Well that’s cool. You look amazing and you’ve got some damn sexy pictures on your fb. I’d love to see more but privately. I’m a pretty jealous

 Well if you come back here soon give me a call
me: what do you get jealous about?

Fallen1: I was kidding. I just like to be the only one to get to see.

me: oh lol

Fallen1:  So can I see some? Lol

me: do you read my blog at all? lol there are plenty of pics of me on fb
 you can buy pics or vids but i’m not everyones free toy

Fallen1:  Yea I saw your blog. I didn’t want it to just to be about videos and pictures but ok I understand. I guess I didn’t really want to pay for anything, but I’ll think about it

me: i’m not trying to solicit but i’m sure you can understand that i don’t have time to send pics to guys who ask for them all day – it’d be like you having to do a bunch of admin work for people for free – bullshit – if any of you should seduc me that may be another story but just sending me a few messages then hitting mew up for pics is pretty disturbingly sexist and treating me like men’s sex slave to fulfill all their juvenile requests – you asked me like it was certain i would oblige – why else make a fool out of yourself?
you were such nice guy in school but i guess we all fulfill our societal roles at some point
Fallen1: It’s not about that. You post pics like you do on fb and expect people not to ask for sexual pics. I was just asking. You could have just said no. If it was just about sex I could just watch free porn. I was serious when I said I wanted to ask you out
me: so because you asked me out i owe you pictures?
 why is that? who says i want to go out with you – why is that a debt?
Fallen1:No not at all. I’m not looking for sex or anything. I’m looking for something real. I just asked for the pics kind of for fun
me: why do my picture on here mean that i want to send them out for free – because a girl celebrates her body it means she wants to give everyone a piece of it? pictures are only advertising for what i can offer a man? you’re sick dude – choke on my lady dick
Fallen1: I didn’t say that at all, but call me what you have will. You’re the one who asked me to pay money and watch videos of you, but I’m just gonna say you win this argument today and say have a good day. I’m headed to physical therapy.
me: that’s the only way i’d waste my time sending them is all – i don’t WANT to send any pics to random dudes but you all demand them so much this is the situation or option MEN have created and forced upon us 
Fallen1: I didn’t demand anything first off. I simply asked, but ok. Have a good day
me: twice – i told you no before
 you have a good day too :)
for all you visual masturbators why don’t you just join the rest of your kind on instagram – plenty of vanity and “look at me” shots there for your creeper hobbies – stop harassing people when your dick tickles you, call your mom instead – i am not your robot 

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