christian crucifix-up

convo with a guy who loves jesus and praises him on daily posts like this one… hypocrites:

Xtian: Hello Jennifer, Are you doing.?

 Thanks for accepting me as your friend.
me: no problem :) have we met before?

Xtian: No my dear we have not meet before

 i was just searching for a childhood friend when i came in contact with your charming profile
 Hope you dont mind me being your friend
me: not at all :) no coincidences in life – did you find your friend?

Xtian: Yes i did Jennifer

 So are you doing Jennifer.?
me: i’m always doing, steven :)
 how about you?

Xtian: I am fine my dear,just being so stressful at work

 sorry what your work.?
me: what do i do?

Xtian: Yes i mean

me: i’m a yoga teacher, sexual and spiritual counselor and a medium/psychic
 what about your work is so stressful?

Xtian: i work in Naftex operating company as an Engineer

me: cool what do you do?

Xtian: I travel to countries to fix up any Engine that as being spoil.and i do fix up our traveling sea boat too

 Are you married.?
me: no i’m divorced – you?

Xtian: I am being divorce long time ago by my wife.and life is being hard with me all alone

 I have 2 kids a boy and a girl
 Abbie and dave
 What about you,do you have kids
me: no kids – why did you have kids?

Xtian: Because i was once married

me: that’s not a reason

Xtian: so i have 2 kids from my ex wife

me: why did you want kids?

Xtian: i want to raise a family.i need a family of my own

me: what for?

Xtian: to take over from me when i am gone.i work just for them to be great and have a good future tomorrow

 sorry my dear,you dont want kids
me: so you work just for them so they can work just for someone else?
 i love children just want to understand everyones head space on the subject – i think some just have kids because they are told/taught that they should – i want to understand their rationalizations

Xtian: Every single thing i have in the word are for my family

me: why?
what about you? how will they learn to live for themselves and not others?

Xtian: Hmmmm

me: your son will be “you” in the future – do you want him to “sacrifice” his life for another just to have that child do the same and never live for themselves?

Xtian: My dear life as being so hard for me here not being married

me: adding to my point; do you want your son to be in the same hard spot not being married like you?
 with children and no sense of self?

Xtian: No

me: not trying to be negative – just investigating ;)

Xtian: hmmmm

me: how will you teach him differently than you’ve learned?
 how will he avoid the same pitfalls? he won’t – so how will you use your life as an example to show him how to find live within himself instead of working his ass off to create another robot to do the same – are you happy?

Xtian: Hmmm

 my dear you seems so great and kind with such words of yours
 i think it we be nice knowing you more better
me: isn’t that what you are doing? ;) just not by your rules
 what type of life do you want for your son and daughter?

Xtian: a peaceful life and a simply life

me: and love?
 do you know how to love yourself?

Xtian: Yes my dear,why do you ask such question my dear

me: what do you love about yourself?
bear with me :)

Xtian: My dear can you tell me why you asking all this question

me: trying to help you see a realization to help your kids
 to help them perhaps avoid the same loneliness you are feeling doing this alone
 see things differently

Xtian: Thanks for your care my dear

me: its just my nature :)
 i find it interesting

Xtian: but i think it we be nice if we can know more about our self

me: what would you like to know about yourself? ;)

Xtian: sorry my dear i cant get you

 do you mean what we i love to know about you
me: if thats what you meant – what do you wan to know about me?

Xtian: Everything that as to be know about you

me: thats quite an order – you can start here if you want

Xtian: My dear am really sorry if you think is an order

me: thats not what i meant – i meant thats a tall order – there is a lot to me
but apparently my conversations don’t satisfy you so what do you want to talk about?
how can i entertain you this morning? (sarcasm)

Xtian: Hmmm

 my dear i we love to know you more better.your hubbies
 your job and where you live
me: i told you about my job – i live in austin – my hobbies are: writing, researching, painting, playing piano, singing, dancing, yoga, taking drives through the hills and creating art to complement my work
 what are your hobbies?

Xtian: football playing with family and i love going to beach

 and you
me: i just listed them

Xtian: yea

me: any more data fields to fill?
or can we continue with the conversation that I found interesting?
or is it still about you? i never got the check for the show you bought

Xtian: how do you mean

 about me how
 you are free to ask me anything i will be very glad to answer you dear
me: you wanted to change the convo but it just got boring – so can we go back to my conversation? i think i’m better at this lol

Xtian: okay

 have you ever date online before?
me: i was a webcam model – i’ve done it for work but i do not want that in my real life – i’m not looking for a long distance relationship or a pen pal – i’m just helping god
back to my question that you never answered:what do you love about yourself?
 Xtian: I love everything about my self
 Helping god how?
me: be specific – sell me on you

Xtian:  Sell me on you how?

do you wanna sell your self for me or what ?
me: tell me what is lovable about you
 i asked first
 don’t be a pushy male – ladies first
 obviously you already see it in me and why you added me

Xtian:  cos am here looking for someone that i can trust and that have good caring honest understand and true love

me: you’re looking for an online/long distance thing?
 what is lovable about you?
 Xtian: my dick lol (aaannnnd there it is…)
me: i get messages from random guys around the country all the time – what makes you special?
 what is so lovable about your dick?
 how big is it?

Xtian:  cos i love how precious he is and big Lol

me: go on – impress me with your words
 precious how?

Xtian:  big and long

me: how long? how thick?

Xtian:  very long and thick

me: ok – this is going no where

Xtian: i am very proud of it

me: is this the convo you were looking for? more dick talk?

Xtian:  cos anytime i like at my dick am so grateful and happy

me: if you’d like to continue the DICK conversation please send payment to my paypal account – if you’d like to treat me like a human being please answer the following question to resume this conversation: What do you love about yourself?
“often times we are tricked by idolatry”
jesus was a man, a sun of god like all of us. when you worship jesus over god you are worshipping man over god – most often worshipping your dick over god ;)
lots of MASTER-baitors out there

6 thoughts on “christian crucifix-up

  1. I thought English was widely spoken in the US. haha…I’ve seen people in Indian villages who studied in local medium with better English.
    But this is amusing. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading these posts.

  2. This is the first post I’ve read on your blog and you’ve got me thinking about some very heavy stuff! Why did I get married? Why did I have children? What do I love about myself? It’s a shame that man was just looking to stroke his own ego (pun intended). He very well could have learned some very important things about himself, including why his wife divorced him in the first place. Too bad he missed the mark; though, maybe he just wasn’t ready to face his own demons just yet.

    • haha – at least you have the good conscious to question and great to hear, thanks! some people are too afraid to face the answers sometimes, it might require change and people tend to fear that over stagnancy and decline ;)

      • Yes, it is all about the fear of change. What people don’t realize is that change is the only constant thing in life, but for some reason they believe that in trying to control circumstances that change will never happen. I suppose that could be true but, as you’d said, they will stagnate and decline. It’s a sad thing to waste soul growth and evolution. As for me, I didn’t get a wink of sleep, last night, from mulling over those questions. I’ve asked two of them plenty of times, but the one keeps playing over in my mind – Why DID I have children (with a man who’d manipulated me into marrying him, in the first place)? That’s where the root of everything in my life lies. More soul-searching is needed. It’s an endless journey. ;)

  3. i can tell you that there are no mistakes and we choose the gifts that lead us to deeper realization – children are usually to represent a part of you inside being denied – even if god were to tell you, your mind will not want to focus on places it fears too deeply – children will reflect those parts of us, especially the beauty we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves.
    check out this post :)!Exhume-your-chalice/c1kod/5532e2f70cf266495e305f01

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