vortex messages

e-male: I looked up chakras
me: if you have any questions about them i know a little bit ;)

e-male: What’s with the solar plexus is it one of the most neglected chakra because of many men having pancreatic cancer?

 And thank you I’d like to know more about my body
me: the solar plexus has to do with our power, drive, purpose in life – with many of the men being led into the ranks of the execute-ive world they are led farther from their true purpose, which has nothing to do with the stories you are being fed to keep you as good economic soldiers, many with softened beer bellies
e-male: So the more we neglect our solar plexus the more we are avoiding or running from our true purpose and keeping us from soaring
me: yes – the “hunger” within you – perfect storm to create this foodie generation
e-male: And when we burn that we become complacent killing our drive
me: burn what?

e-male: Our drive to go towards our purpose by brainwashing us

me: the solar plexus is like out mini suns – they are a place of purification – like an inner furnace

e-male: Hmm I see

me: well – they (media vs masses, i mean) create excess energy from repressing and controlling the sacral and just redirect that energy – by cutting off your natural reaction with shame they can blindside you and redirect the focus and “energy” on some made up puzzle you become engaged and distracted with before you realize its a booby trap
e-male: Damn it so we are being put in a box while in a box
me: unless you remain aware and questioning it can bend your intentions so slightly that you don’t notice, it becomes the “norm” and we don’t look back at history enough to see the bigger patterns – we can be too distracted by the new and shiny, more intrigued and misguided by the mutations than why and what they are for

e-male: That’s so true

Historically if we repeat it then it will happen again
me: that’s the set up – but god is intervening
he’s the one who set it all up in the first place lol – people take their own roles and by doing so create their own judgment and place in eternity
free will…
god sees intentions – the heart is our monitor
e-male:  So it’s our hearts that’s going to see through the bullshit
 We are so deep in the game we don’t know that we’re getting played
me: yes – when you are “suffering” its because your reality is not in line with your heart – the truth within you
when you act on your heart – dig through the layers of years of bullshit to hear the little whisper that’s been buried for so long, you will begin to get closer to your natural resonance and vibration – in this frequency nature can be seen so vividly interacting in your destiny – like a lifeline
when you can remove the grime and filters and “see” with your heart then a lot of confusion is lifted and worry and suffering recede – life opens when you do
that’s why its important to reconnect to tour body and become more sensitive to it – to see, address and untangle what is drowning out your ability to connect to the essence and source
e-male:  Do we know this subconsciously and just role with it? Or it it because we don’t remember so we just chuck it up as having a wild imagination
me: you know it on a heart/emotional level – as you mature you’ll find ways to intellectualize it – that is an earthly task – remove the mask
e-male: So if we remain open we see that there is no suffering until you realize you are doing it
me: realize what you’ve interpreted as suffering is actually a communication from your heart – instead f neglecting and pawning your emotions off into a numbed part of your body already filled with tension – try listening to what it is telling you – learning the chakras can help as a map/translation of your emotional body
e-male: The more we listen the less we have tension. The more tension I release the easier it is to rest and relax
That emotional blockage makes us sick as we can’t release we are taught to hold that shit in
me: yeah ;)
e-male: The more we learn from our bodies the more it works with us
me: or we can learn to follow it – it is nature that can nurture
 it’s a divine vehicle in which our electrical system transfers data and our cells store it while our brains (organization-secretarial) try to process and rectify it with our heart (electrical Source) – some stories end up recycling when they continually layer on new ones and never tend to what is aching and trying to get their attention, they just keep sweeping it under the rug – eventually that will erupt and expose itself – maybe not in this lifetime, maybe in your childrens’s cycle or your grandchildren’s, but the data is stored in original interpretation – the further from the source of the kink (fear or suffering – turning love to fear and changing code), the harder it is to diagnose in a linear fashion but we can read our bodies if we chose to learn.

2 thoughts on “vortex messages

  1. This one was informative. Need to read up more on the solar plexus. Basically, the solar plexus is behind the strength of the ‘core’ as far as I understand. But its relationship with pancreatic cancer is what interests me. The pancreas is connected to the digestive system. If you go by the theory of – You are what you eat, then what your body processes can change your physiology. Now if you could control your chakra, that would imply that you could selectively process what you want from the food you eat right?

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