warp games

unclesame: hello beauty thanks for accepting my friend request
me: yw

unclesame: where you from beauty?

me: tx

unclesame: i am from santa monica california

me: i have a step brother who lives there

unclesame: thats good

 am a first class sergeant in the Us ARMY
me: why?

unclesame: am a soldier

me: why?
me: i don’t need pics thanks
unclesame: what do you mean by that?
me: you just keep messaging pics 

unclesame: i dont have any pics on my facebok profile

 thats why i am sending u
 i am a great man in the US ARMY
me: why don’t you post them to your profile rather than sending them to me
 i don’t think the army has any good men – they transform you all into bots
 i dont date military men

unclesame: lol

 you are so funny
me: thanks :)

unclesame: very funny

me: i know

unclesame: i am not asking you to date me either

me: ok

unclesame: i didnt ask u out

me: just want me to look at your pics?

unclesame: so be careful the way u talk to me

me: i will not, ass hole

unclesame: you post half naked pictures on facebook

me: yes – does that stimulate you? then you are weak – if Facebook allowed full nudity you’d have a few more names to call me lol

unclesame: just be happy

 i respect u
me: i am happy – i just don’t date military men
 you respect me but call me a hoe? def trained by the army – moron

unclesame: we shouldnt hate ourself ok

 i respect u
 u call me asshole too
me: because you challenged me with “careful how you talk to me” – i’m not afraid of my father – you can’t scare me lol
i never claimed to respect you
i dont hate myself – i just think you are a moron
unclesame: (sends a dozen love emoticons) 
 i love that about you
 i guess u will make a sweet wife to a soldier
 protecting the home when his on mission
me: what a cheesy movie plot but you don’t want to date me? lol you’re not protecting anything – you are promoting and supporting death and terror
i would never support you
so guess again

unclesame: ohhh listen to me

 let me explain
 we dont kill
 we save people
 but when the enemies aim at us , we shoot
me: you went there knowing the choice – it’s the predicament you wanted

unclesame: ok this a question for you

me: ok

unclesame: if God had devil as a counterpart

 the soldiers have terrorist as counter part
 can you stop devil from existing?
 answer that from your heart
me: hahaha – you must live in great fear if you think the devil can out power god – the devil is just a side of god – he is bigger than evil
 evil is man made
 like war
 like soldiers
 you are the devils pawn
 a test from god
 makes sense why you joined the big gang – to keep you safe from god
 you’re scared and your faith is waning
 you don’t believe he’s really there so you kill people “in his name” since he can’t seem to handle it himself – with the burden of the devil and all and him going around shooting people and starting war lol
unclesame: lol
 i love u jennifer
me: thank you
 the army needs to have a course in logic required for entry
 if you want to avoid it fine – but don’t claim righteousness in killing
 avoid logic i mean

unclesame: i love u jennifer

 when am back from mission am planning on retiring
 i love u jennifer
me: you know – all the military men who want to impress me with their military work all say they want to quit when they find out i don’t like it – i don’t think that is all about pleasing me – i don’t think you really like it
why are you retiring? you’ll still be their property though?
unclesame: i already planned that before
my son needs me more
my wife and daughter died in a car accident some years back
my son james needs me (sent pics of son)
me: sorry to hear that – they are watching over you – i’m a medium
you’re son is beautiful
don’t send him to war :)

unclesame: i will send him to you

instead of war
you make me happy
and make me smile
God bless you
me: hahaaha – i don’t want your kids lol 
he has – thank you – he has blessed you too, notice ;)

unclesame: dont worry i will be there with u

 his a gentle boy
 very brilliant
 he wants to become a computer scientist
me: why do all of you guys think there is an open invite for you to be my husband or companion – is it just because i am female that i am property?
unclesame: (sends another dozen love emoticons)

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