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    particular needs: “miss pacman” and “partner yoga” — brilliant. Too bad I’m not a feisty dominant. ;)
  • me: yeah – too bad :( are you a feminine?

  • particular needs: I’m undecided. ;) Ha! I have three different things I want. So complicated!! Ugh. I want someone who will help me explore my kinky and submissive side (if I have one). I want someone who will partner with me in life but submit to me in the bedroom (only sometimes, I can’t do 24/7, that’s exhausting). I want someone who’d like to model for me (I’m an amateur photographer). I don’t think all of those things exist in the same person!!
  • me: i don’t know – i think i would be great for all of those ;)
  • particular needs: For real? I’ve never met someone into all that — unless you’re really just into money and willing to say anything to get it. Sorry for the cynicism, if I’m wrong, I’d *LOVE* to meet you! :)
  • me: i don’t find any of that out of the ordinary but thanks for thinking i’m so ugly and desperate i jump at all money :( not the truth – i only date on here because the men have to be somewhat invested, men respect and value money sometimes more than people – free sites are for easy sluts – i’m not easy and i’m only a slut to those i respect ;)
  • particular needs: You’re funny too. I like it! :) I couldn’t tell you why I’m on here. I tried it before and it was bad, only the jump-at-all-money types. But I’m a fan of second chances, even for websites! Haha! So it seems you’re on here for more complicated reasons too. Dating? Dominant? Sacred arts? Not the traditional SD/SB?
  • me: not so complicated – i’m a woman and a human with sexual needs and dating is a horror movie so sites like this make it easier to filter out scum ;)
  • particular needs: Haha! Horror movie? Yeah… I can see that. I suppose you have to skim the scum off the top before getting to the good ones. What’s your upcoming week look like? I’d like to buy you a simple coffee or something — you know, the boring lets-find-out-if-we-hate-each-other first meeting…. Want to switch from here to KIK?
  • me: i try to limit my virtual interactions – i prefer the in person approach or phone calls – what were you thinking as a meet up? guys who use this line usually just want a cheap thrill – cheating in the first phases always start with “friendships” and “coffee” – still  thrill for the newbies, its the secrets from their “real life” and wives that thrill them – just getting away with something – beginner stuff
  • particular needs: Oh? Which line is the cheap thrill line? I need to stop using it. I’m the exact opposite of that! I don’t do hookups, hell I’ll give you a hug but nothing more when we first meet. I’m just like that. I want to find out if we have any sort of connection. You’re old enough to be intriguing, not some floozy conquest. I’d like to find out if that’s true.
  • me: the whole KIK thing – there are lots of guys here hooked on diff chat forums or messaging apps and sites (like this site) and the asking to meet before setting expectations – that’s usually a sign of someone not ready or lacking funds
  • if i wanted to waste my time i’d be on the free sites
  • particular needs: Gotcha. I’ll withdraw my meet & kik requests, and replace them with a request to set my expectations. What are you looking for?
  • me: i like to start out per date until i’m comfortable trusting you and your availability my range is about 400-500 any less and its like cam girl prices, it laxes once you’ve proven yourself. see, i am the prize here honey, not another dude replica like you – guys spend 300 an hour for online sex – I’m looking for the investment not the haggle – i’m fine with hosting but its always the case so a man with fortitude would be a nice change but most of the circumstances here leave men in the same situation as high school boys living with their parents, now it’s wives, roommates or children. single girls are always expected to be willing hostesses which is fine but guys need to give something back in return and in most peoples cases they don’t have the time to actually help us out as a boyfriend would support us, financially or emotionally or pay my rent for your getaways, you give something to keep it fair…seems like common sense and courtesy to me – otherwise i am just a sex slave to the public and i have to pay for it – do you understand how women are treated? maybe you should go undercover and see
  • particular needs: Well, I didn’t quite follow all of that; there must be some sketchy guys on here. I am looking for someone to host.  I did take away that you’re running more of an escort business through here, which I’m not interested in right now. Good thing we did the “set expectations” message!
  • me: you all give that excuse when you’re called out – tell me, what is the ideal set up here? free meet ups with a new girl everyday and leading them on and all you have to do is pay SA a monthly fee? your responses are those of the “sketchy” guys you mention ;)
    particular needs: That’s not it at all. I don’t need to get in an argument with you, but I’ve only met a few girls off of here. Taken them out for dinner, the ballet, stayed in and watched a movie. Light sexual play, nothing too kinky. It was more FWB like, where I paid for everything. If we would have progressed, I’d expect to provide some allowance and have our playtime expand. I’m not a fan of pay-for-play or hookups. Maybe I don’t belong on here. I don’t know.
    me: have you tried the “what’s your price” site? that may be more your speed
    particular needs:  The more time I spend on here, the more I think I need to start dating. I just want more than sex. It doesn’t matter who I’m with, I’ll always spoil her. Sigh. But that’s a lot of work! Haha!

    me:  good, that’s the corner the universe wants you to fall into ;) i think we’re all looking for more than sex but it is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body – which is why i come here rather than being railroaded by all the single guys in town – there are more of us than them so its easy to become a useable and replaceable accessory in that type of commercial environment

    its not the money that i’m after – its the meeting me halfway and giving some sign of trust and investment – i’ve tried to find it in the other avenues – life is a journey ;)

    particular needs: “useable and replaceable accessory” – you mean for a girl to become a sex object only? But here you can control that?
    moments ago

    me: you can decide what you are getting into – you can be more direct – on the other sites the guys are still trying out basic lines and schemes – a whole ‘nother game – it won’t get them anywhere and they’ll be here on this site their late 30’s and 40’s eventually still trying to find the “secret” approach to satisfy them – you should check out my blog :)


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