the new less shameful term to replace sugar daddies – the new generation is moving up lol all about success – our saviors!!!! loll they want someone to look up to them so they know what it feels like – they are invisible and feel less than in their career or life in comparison to their “role models” and need to feel manly by being “respected” (i’ll bet they can quote every adam sandler movie from beginning to end – that always comes in handy)

38 y/o male: Seeking mutually beneficial and discreet arrangement to meet 3-5 times a month to enjoy each others company and offer guidance and assistance to a beautiful girl, mind body and soul. Happy to provide pictures once we establish similar goals. :)

28 y/o male: Looking for: Mentorship Arrangement with COUPLE LIKE tendencies and connections. I suppose I am looking more for a connection with someone that is ambitious and driven that could use my knowledge so she never ever has to be on a site like this for a hand out.  (when you have a pussy and grow some tits then i’ll take business advice from you – different ball game son – it’s not always about handouts)

37 y/o male: For someone in my late 30s I have a lot of life experience under my belt. I am happy to mentor and be mentored in all aspects of life, from the mind-body connection, intimacy, family and relationships, to professional considerations. I am sure I also have a lot to learn from you to. (here’s a freebie

39 y/o male: Something casual, drama free, simple with an intelligent, independent, spontaneous, well presented woman with also a naughty side. It should be mutually beneficial in many different ways as I enjoy and can help financially, with career and network connections, and giving advice/mentorship. And I”m not looking to endlessly message back and forth. So, contact me if you actually look like your pictures, and are wanting to talk and potentially meet.

43 y/o male: I’m looking for a vibrant young woman who can add a lot of energy and fire to my life, both in and out of the bedroom, who can excite me with her mind and spirit, as well her body, and will question my limits and push my boundaries. An intelligent, articulate woman who is a low-pressure, discreet companion, who’s looking for a confidant and mentor.

42 y/o male: I am as comfortable showing you off on a night out as I would be curled up on the couch watching Game of Thrones. I know what I am looking for even if I may lack the ability to eloquently express it in the space allotted. If you are someone looking for a friend, confidante, mentor feel free to reach out.

29 y/o male: I’ve always been curious and a little excited about the prospect of having an SB; someone I can mentor, and provide some support for, who will in turn be a fun and energetic part-time companion to me.

32 y/o male: Looking to mentor a young lady. Professional by day, musician in the evening, extensive time spent volunteering. I don’t always have a lot of time, but when I do I prefer it in good company.

41 y/o male: Successful hustler in a niche market. I earned it the hard way – through many trials & tribulations and 1000 “no’s.” Quite willing to share my experiences in the business industry, listen intently to your challenges, and assist in helping you target those challenges and create financially rewarding solutions for your future endeavors. I possess the capability of being a mentor, though, I prefer a fair mix of entertainment & conversation.

43 y/o male: From talking with strippers, escorts, SB over the last 7 years I know I’m not your average controlling SD. I’m 100% honest, non judgmental, a great mentor, and very good at supporting them while at the same time giving them the freedom to be young. I not perfect and even annoy myself some times but this whole thing is about finding out what works for you and finding the right person who is wanting what you have to offer. Before I thought that I wanted a bunch of different Part Time SB who lived with me but we had our separate lives. Problem was it was too part time and having so many girls was a huge juggling act filed with drama.

44 y/o male: I’m a laid back guy, I treat ladies with respect. I’m the kind of guy that holds the door for a lady. I enjoy going out to dinner and a movie just as much as staying in. I spent 20 years in the service and am well traveled. I have been to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I have a lot of experience with life and am willing to share. If you are looking for a mentor, I can mentor you.

27 y/o male: I will provide a weekly allowance ($500-$1,000 week), advice, mentor, and great time. If you interested please don’t hesitate to message me. (smell the bullshit – he just wants messages ;))

35 y/o male: I’m not looking for anything serious just girls who wants have fun, and want to travel ,,I would like to find one pretty woman who need assistance and possibly a mentor !! Imost important I want this to be fun, comfortable and straight forward ,Someone who is honest, Sense of humor,well spoken ,direct,sincere ,clean and fun! We can keep this truest/sb relationship and meet several time per month!! I am open to keep this casual & discreet , I will not impose myself in u life and I desire the same !!!! (yeah, he seems real smart)

and on and on…these are just some mentees posing as mentors who’ve messaged me in the last few months

hopefully the influence fades quickly ;) they’re all hustlers


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