paranoia will destroy ya

“A few years ago I was at a small technology conference and people were talking about privacy, and wondering whether privacy really matters or not. And the worst-case scenario that people kept bringing up was “being caught having an affair.” Except for one woman in the back of the room who finally got angry and said, “guys, I have a stalker.” And proceeded to talk about how an unhinged person had repeatedly violated her privacy and threatened her partner and herself, for years.

The point there is that for some reason related to modern human social dynamics, we tend to pay special attention to (especially men’s) sexual privacy and limited attention to other kinds of privacy. And so things that violate men’s sexual privacy are tremendously newsworthy. Other things not as much.

Thirty-five million people is a pretty big line to move. That’s 9.78 percent of the population of the United States and Canada (a number that seems awfully high, but who am I to doubt the word of the hackers). If we find out that ~10% of North America has signed up with a credit card to digitally do its dirt, that’s a lot of lines moving at once. Marriage counselors are about to make bank.

 this is a situation that is more like:

  1. A massive company fails to secure your data;
  2. You only see your kids on weekends.”

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Truth and transparency bring freedom


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