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Why are women so attracted to musicians?

For the same reason men are fascinated by porn stars and dancers/”dancers”. We assume they have sensual and technical abilities. The body is an instrument and instruments require study, practice and devotion. Love making is an art and instruments are good bodies to practice the energetics with. It’s easy to assume an elegant guitar player also has elegant fingering techniques in the bedroom. Or that a saxophone player is a great oral lover with supple and responding lips and tounge. Or a drummer will bang out all of the stagnant energy blocking your highest climax. Musicians need to understand rhythm, pressure, build up, release, forte and alto in order to be a good musician. It requires patience, emotion and vulnerability to do it well.

It is more likely that a good musician, not a vain and needy one, will bring more balance in a give and take situation because they enjoy the exploring and working the instrument as much as receiving. This goes for all genders so maybe if you begin to request more of a body (anothers and your own) you may end up getting a body that satisfies you.

During my work, one of my main goals along the way is encouraging those i talk with or counsel to begin a new hobby or resurrect those they’ve put aside. They follow up with me by sending recordings, drawings or writings and I’m someone to offer sincere interest and encouragement that they are too shy to find elsewhere. Many men have guitars sitting at home collecting dust as just I’ve witnessed my keyboard and paints whither while experiencing how they live. It’s not because you have no talent or weren’t meant to do it, we are made for expressing, allow yourself the patience and time. Sensuality isn’t learned or revived in a rush, it’s a savory vibration.

Since beginning all of this “sexual work” and study I’ve had less energy for other endeavors like my music, which was expected but it gave me a better comprehension of why so many others seem to lack motivation and energy for creative efforts. They’ve exhausted that energy by chasing satisfaction with a superficial influence. My goal, by sharing my journey, would be to help others find balance by achieving greater or deeper sexual satisfaction with less strain and the ability to convert that energy to better use in other areas aside from the xhamster wheel of topical frustration or numbness/loss of feeling.


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