from the stash

  • me:  hello :)
  • sugarpops: Hey there. Sorry to favorite without messaging. I was reading your profile at a red light and wanted to go back and find you later without having to look for you. :). How are you? Your profile is quite intriguing. :)
  • me: thank you :) i’m doing well – how’s your day going?
  • sugar pops: Working a little late at the moment. How bout you?
    Curious as to what you were looking for out of the site?
  • me: do you know what this site is for? lol
  • sugar pops: Of course but there seems to be a wide range of expectations so I was making sure you were seeking an arrangement. :)
    Anyway. :) I am seeking a beautiful and intelligent woman to escape the stresses of work and the real world 2-5 times a month. NSA to meet discretely and enjoy each other’s company. Our time would be our time and then we would return to our lives. Let me know if interested in chatting more.
  • me: can you send a pic to
  • sugar pops: Sure, as long as discretion and privacy for one another is highly respected. :)
  • me: of course :)
  • sugar pops: Sorry for delay. Just sent pics. :)
    me: got them thank you :)
  • sugar pops: Can you host? If so what part of town and what times of the day are you avail. Are there time limits or activity limits I should be aware of? I prefer more relaxed encounters
  • me: i’m pretty explorative – i can host, i’m about 5 mins SE from downtown – time of day is pretty flexible – i work mostly from home and pretty flexible with my schedule
  • sugar pops: Cool. Since traffic is kicking up its probably difficult to get down that way anytime today but let’s set something up soon. Can you share any more pics?
  • me: is that all your after?
  • sugar pops: No it’s not. I’m here to make arrangements. I don’t need the pics. I hope we can hang soon. I have some business travel coming up but hope we can squeeze in a meeting in between trips
  • me: pics are just annoying – lots of guys on here looking for just pics to feel “loved” or attractive enough to catch some or to “fool” all the women lol i don’t mind you seeing my pics, i’m naked all over the internet – it’s just really annoying admin work to do for EVERY request from men i haven’t met – there are pics here lol so when they ask its usually a game i’ll give you my youtube – much easier to see me there if sexy flashcards aren’t what you’re after (cus i already have some up :)) if we meet and “connect” i’d be happy to send you random pics here and there plenty of pics there too this ought to keep you busy for now lol
  • sugar pops: Ha. Thanks I guess I could see that becoming old. Still learning the navigation here. I’ll see take that into consideration. Just not sure why a guy would buy a membership and not intend to meet with people. :). Anyway. I just landed in LA but I’ll be back this weekend. Talk soon I hope
  • me: have a great trip! :)
  • sugar pops: Thanks hon. See ya soon

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