e-male: i have a question
me: yes :)

e-male: how do i find g-spot?

me: why do you think you need to?

e-male: i want to know

 thanks! :)
me: because you think that is useful knowledge? there’s more to learn before discovering and knowing how to work it – even if i told you you’d not know how to apply it
there is no map – there are more sensitive places but all women are different
when guys go “looking” for the spot we know what they are doing and it throws everything off because they become more mental
you need to learn connection – otherwise you’re just a specula – not sexy
e-male: maybe it can help me
me: it wont make a difference so i won’t bother – if your intent is data then i can’t help you
e-male: well thanks!
me: sorry ;) ask your lover where hers is
e-male:  i think girls don’t know where the gspot is
me: it moves for me at different levels of climaxing – i don’t like pinpointing a spot because then they ignore the others
like how they treat the clit of the vagina
e-male: others?
me: work the whole body, fuck your “button” theories – we’re not elevators – not literally
anyway ;)
you can’t cheat your way through sex like you do in work and life and that won’t work out in the end either
e-male: i need to find the gspot 1st before the others – 
me: thats just what you’ve been told – its bullshit and it’s not gonna workout she’ll probably fake it so you stop trying lol thats the result – deception and you continuing to be lame in sex
 but good luck and sorry to the girls who become the guinea pigs
there is no satisfaction in short cuts – there are no short cuts
e-male:  haha.. i will lick it first and put ice on it
me: ouch!!! nooooo – put ice in your mouth and get your tongue cold then lick but you’re gonna freeze burn her pussy if you apply it directly and she’ll lose feeling – can be painful when put directly on it
e-male: ok..so u also experienced it?
me: yeah – i’ve had lovers
e-male: so what is ur favorite sex position?
me: there is no favorite, another myth of the lame – i don’t do just one during sex – sex is like yoga – you do many poses
depends on where the tension is in my body and how the penis moves it around  – i climax in one spot then maybe need to address another – pussies aren’t poles

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