river of drought, rise of a phoenix: celebrity guides

also talks about how spirits can play the same type of role as webcam girls…


When I mention in this audio about the brick representing the world around you, I’m referring to the bricks resistance, the density, the ingrained beliefs of others not aware of this side of life waiting to oppress those around them to feel more comfortable. The doubt that creates the drought of Love. Those who do not believe in modern day miracles and have yet to see the herds of people having spiritual awakenings and realizations at the moment and that they, the non believers, are inching towards becoming the minority. You have to learn to “walk through walls” of resistance, creating the opportunity for experience with an open mind. Awareness and practice is the greatest way to confirmation, stronger power and proof. Get back to the messages and maps chiseled into your heart, the emotional gps of your nervous system and vitality overflowing freely through your veins.

from my scout:…

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