sex stats

e-male: hows your lovelife?
me: i have sex but no lover

e-male: with different guys?

me: i’ve aquired a team over the years – guys aren’t dependable and my sex life needs to be (or as close as i can get it) so i have about 4 guys i’ve approved of and called upon over the last 4 years so i don’t have to sleep around a lot
but masturbation is my daily technique – i have sex about once a week on average
e-male: i haven’t experienced a woman giving me a blowjob
me: are you saying you’ve never had a blow job?
e-male: yup!coz they don’t like it
me: i do – they just don’t know yet because they’ve been shamed too – so you’ve never received one?

e-male: yah never

me: well – i guess that’s better than bad blow jobs lol
ask a male friend to do it for you

e-male: lol.i think blowjobs are good

me: how do you know? lol
there are bad ones just like there is bad pussy eating or usually none from the 30 somethings

e-male: wtf!haha i need female

me: i thought they won’t give them ;) – boys are you only option i guess if you really want a  blow job – if it has to be a woman than it is about more than a blow job

e-male:  how many times youve experience a blowjob?

me: received or given?

e-male:  both

me: i’ve definitely given to more than i’ve received in return as far as individual people but i’ve had lovers so hundreds if not thousands i’d guess
but prob not thousands lol
i used to do virtual blow jobs in my web cam work- does that count too? lol

e-male:  can u do a blowjob to my d**k?lol

me: sorry – no i’m not a whore ;)
i’d have to like you – i don’t know you
and you don’t live near me – i don’t do long distance relationships with anyone but one man

e-male: just kidding. :)

so what if u know me?lol
me: i’d have to like you too
i don’t feel a sexual chemistry between us

e-male: i don’t do long distance also but and this is just a fantasy haha

me: yeah – i get tons of messages from guys wanting to talk fantasy
it gets old and boring and feels like babysitting – i like real life

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