suck my Kiss doll

e-male: so how are you? :) been a while
i’m doing good – the lady from the post flagged me and i’m on my 2nd strike and i’m blocked from posting, commenting or “liking” for 24 hours on Facebook (no influence, there’s the gag lol) – bitch flagged me because she’s butt hurt (needs a good fuck) – spiritualist my ass – where’s the freedom of speech? she’s another rusty trumpet and i’m sent to my corner to think about what i did wrong lol – if i carved a piece of wood like a penis and opened my mouth near it (none of which is nudity which they claim) would that be “bad” just because it turns someone on it gets taken down – thats kinda gross – i’m so sick of sick people lol
what about this?
what about hot steamy food? thats pretty naked and provocative (provoking) lol
11813301_1045025488889400_280922209218661615_n don’t drop the uncircumcised corn in the hot wet pussy pie!

e-male: the first step is making women more okay with their own bodies imo ;)

me: like this vid – it would make some people uncomfortable because she is sensual – thats all i’m getting flagged for – my ability to trigger sensual feelings in a world of cocked guns
but things are going really good this year! :) how’ve you been doing?

e-male: I’m not that much a fan of sexual yet sensual is my cup of tea ;) and some ups, some downs :P nothing special I suppose

me: me too – people can’t handle their feelings enough for universal realness

e-male: things get “too real” for people, they tend to run & hide :P

 or divert
 or distract
me: yeah – i mentioning liking to give blow jobs and some repressed bitch who wishes she could crave a man like that feels so confused inside she tries to repress other women

e-male: lots of women greatly dislike blowjobs for some reason and lots of men tend to be very disrespectful when it comes to blow jobs, so I kinda can’t blame them :P

me: yeah – they are greedy but thats nothing new lol – they are mesmerized by their own penises lol, we’re all hurting in the love dept but don’t live up to accountability when it comes to treating other people as we’d like to be treated – there are some big liars out there – denying their biology and wondering why they suffer and no one is attracted to them or they can’t make things “work” or last
it’s energetic disconnect
love is Real ;)
it’s an energy most people avoid because they fear truth

e-male: love is real, yet very few realise that it overflows into sexual actions

me: and use fast food solutions

e-male: they assume it can be gotten through sex…

whatever floats your boat ;)
we live in a society where people think like doctors
look at the symptoms and give people something to cover it up
me: hahaha yes :)

e-male: look at the results and go straight for the results instead of doing the thing that results in it. people look at side-effects and think it’s the main course :P

me: ahhh yeah – thats a great analogy

e-male: I like analogies ;) if you’d ever need one… :)

me: you’re very good at them :) i know where to shop! lol

e-male: always welcome ;)

me: what do you think about this? i have a theory about dolls and how they play a part in men treating women like dolls (objects to admire)
e-male: it’s more that girls see themselves as dolls

talk to young girls nowadays; many WANT to grow up and be pretty, marry a rich guy and believe they have a happily ever after

same way that men want to become this huge muscled guy
me: so a girl gets a doll and is encouraged in this play – a doll can be like voodoo – and used to shape a view of herself

e-male: wait, saw a vid about that recently


me: oh yeah? cool
yeah – it can get deviated too
e-male: it’s not men forcing it upon women, it’s women doing it to themselves since a young age

creating their own limiting beliefs and reality

basically people aren’t being taught how to parent right

me: yes but we have this tool and men don’t usually so we become the voodoo dolls they model themselves after in a way – they can transfer responsibility of personal sensuality and other characteristics on women and that can confuse them
e-male: many things are confusing in this day and age :)
me: there are many guys who are intimidated by me because of some characteristic they feel unable to claim because they are male – they try to emulate

e-male: and women are thought to be in touch with their emotions

me: not always so

e-male: whereas men aren’t supposed to have any, just be a strong emotionless leader, so when it comes to emotions, they naturally go towards women, also :)

me: but more so then men mostly because periods keep us more aware of our bodies and functions but there are plenty of men way ahead of most women – depends on the density of each person
yes – that’s very true too and its hard for them to accept those feelings as masculine and they tend to shame themselves for feeling
me: i loved she-RA ;)

e-male:  :) people also don’t know what masculine really means anymore…they think it’s the same as alpha male

me: god was telling me i’m so monkey like because my fav doll was a curious george monkey i had for 30 years lol – i made myself a monkey

e-male:  :) you monkey girl you ;)

me: yeah, most people don’t understand female sexuality either – most guys think we hate sex and sadly some women really do

e-male:  yeah yet it’s grown that way, they weren’t born that way

me: it’s a natural function – imagine if you were too ashamed to poop – that would cause some disfunction
definitely – children are very oral
and why people are obsessed with food

e-male: and lots of people are…:P

me: i am! lol but i know it so i don’t confuse it for something else or pervert a natural reaction

e-male: mhm, men are also made into perverts by our society :P

me: when i crave a penis in my mouth it triggers a food response – i start craving meat and protein (cum lol) and i have to eat, my tummy starts rumbling but what i really want is a penis in my mouth – i want to stimulate my glands to initiate healthy fluid circulation, discharge and connection – “where’s the beef?” lol
e-male: I read a very interesting book recently
 it’s called; Het raadsel: man
 The riddle; man
 not sure if it’s available in english
me: whats it about?
 e-male: basically what men go through and how/why men are the way they are
 it’s very insightful
 can’t find it in English. looks like this;
 “What Men Don’T Talk About” apparently
 yet my shift’s up ;) I’m headed home
 ttyl xX
me: cool thanks! and thanks for the chat :) xoxo
Paleo art ;) :
Prehistoric paintings
However, erotic art or depictions pre-date Pompeii by several thousand years. It is, in fact, one of the oldest themes in art. Sexual acts were often associated with supernatural forces in early cultures, and thus became a part of their religions. From this, it became intertwined with religious depictions. The oldest surviving erotic depiction is from Paleolithic cave paintings. For those who slept through Anthropology, that is nearly 2.5 million years old. “Then as now, artists created images of the things that were most important in their lives,” said Jackson Titus, curator of this year’s Biting the Apple show. “For Stone Age people, their very survival was dependent on their sexual prowess and fertility.”
Obsene … or art?
The Supreme Court agreed in Miller v. California. A three-tiered test was established that would help local governing bodies decide what was obscene and what was art.
First, does the average person applying contemporary standards, when considering the work as a whole, find it unwholesome?
Second, does the work depict or describe in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law?
And finally, does the work, considered in its entirety, lack serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value?
Erotic art does tend to use basic artistic concepts, themes and draws from historical inspiration, where pornography is generally just sex appeal. According to Titus, erotic art has changed very little in its very long life. “This is in part, our fascination with erotic art; the fact that we share in common the same basic instincts, desires and appreciation of beauty that was expressed by the Stone Age people that created the earliest known erotic images,” he said. (not everyone can see Beauty – they see Lust and that creates shame and feelings of inappropriateness because you don’t know Beauty)

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