yoga buts

e-male: how do i abstain sex?lol
me: why would you want to do that?
e-male:coz i can’t control myself when it comes to sex
me: yes – i help with that – i’ve created a practice to help with it – only have one session up so far but i’m working on a series
the trick is to learn better sex, not the empty shit you’ve been taught – gmo sex lol
getting in touch with your own entire body to reach greater satisfaction and i address issues to remove psychological kinks that set us up in the blogs
when you can have a more efficient orgasm you don’t need to chase so many
e-male: how many sex u do in a week?
me: how often do i orgasm?

e-male: hmm.yup

me: a healthy dose is 3 times a day – like eating
but i tend to have multiple so a 2 or 3 2 or 3 times a day
so 4-9? depending on my stress levels lol

e-male: ok..that’s what i do also

me: :) you’ve just been conditioned to feel shame and that can make it less impactful and exhausting subconsciously

e-male: ok.ur nice! :)

me: thanks lol
e-male: haha..where do u live?
me: austin

e-male: can i visit u there?lol

me: maybe some day

e-male: coz i want to learn yoga

me: cool – i hear that a lot but people never want to practice
it’s mostly just a pick up line if it comes from a dude
e-male: lol.its true
me: i know ;) lol yoga is sex preparation – it’s all tied together so practice would actually benefit your pick up techniques ;)
e-male: i like watching a girl doing yoga
me: i bet – its mesmerizing movement – i like watching myself 

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