lesson 2: bi-polar shift (yin/yang)
We can address the issues that hold us back creatively and mentally.  We can wear down the lumps in between that restrict integration and create compulsions or distorted cravings by creating a habit of holding in too much (or what I consider and interrupted or congested circuit – a sputtering vibration).
By addressing the psychological issues a that attack us, as we relate to the physical sum of our parts, we also address our mental body, directly affect our ego body and spiritual nature (which is hard to intellectualize and therefore hard to diagnose) leaving us in a state of frustration and confusion about what we really want and who we really are in comparison to our societal roles, extremes and delusional barriers.
Find some playtime for yourself. even if it’s just playing with makeup or outfits when you’re bored, even if you have no where to go. Create a story and play to release and help see-saw the walls down.

we’re all just different flowers and sources of inspiration and appreciation if we are willing to blossom and risk expanding our field of vision for a ‘broad’er vs. bordered experience. xxxoooxxx!!!


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