blew mooning

Photo on 1-26-12 at 9.03 AM #2

I know a lot of my pictures come across as provocative and I like to use the analogy of the sound or sight of running water when you really need to urinate. It might trigger you if you’ve really been holding it in and not letting “it” out enough or to the fullest extent and you end up pissed…on yourself or pissing on another.

You can see the difference in pictures and revealation in my “accounts”

Pre god encounter:

Post god encounter:

and of course my “work pics” for the blog and fun are a part of my creativity, use of media to speak on different levels, to combine two different and disconnected worlds for transition and my pictures (im-prints) are, as always, my art = communication. They say more than what the simple minded can interpret, are authentic and genuine but I don’t go around waving them in peoples faces. They are placed in my personal spaces which you are allowed to choose to breach the borders of, I’m an open book – realtors and actors, performers etc. tease and peddle themselves to promote their work, i don’t…there is no trap in my lure, and though many aren’t used to that, all you’ll find here is humble assistance, full disclosure and transparency. I’m sorry if that’s too much for a grown being to handle. Sorry to others for the damage you’re causing in your influence but thankful for the example to expose the thorns of the moralities that have been distorted and fed to you through a false parent.

My work is my art – it is Free (my time is limited) and free from the taint of money. God provides for me, I make nothing from the blogs. It hurts the actual business I have coming in from the spiritual side because of the taint of a sensual woman but I still make $50-100 a month from those interested in my work and writings about spirit and I do a ton of free counseling ad training with that too.

Look deeper than image, inform yourself before becoming a gutless and easily triggered prick because you aren’t taking care of your own needs and instead sticking your nose in to the buttcrack of someone else’s holy business without putting yourself first in their shoes :) Nothing I post is out of line with what you are already exposed to in media. I’ve bet many of you ladies have your gossip porn mags on the bathrooms just like the men and their playboys. Don’t get mad that you’re an outsider looking in ;) and don’t knock it til you try it, loving yourself is pretty fucking awesome :) we can teach these old dusty souls a thing or two.


If my pictures offend, anger or upset you, I’m only calling attention what is just under the surface. That fever and infection needs to be addressed, time for inflection. Instead of attacking me take a cold shower. There is a thin line between sex and violence, you choose the exhaust.

Today I fell asleep early and woke up at about 2 am At 3 I was hungry and too lazy to cook so I wen to the 24 hour taco cabana for a really dry brisket taco (crumbly dry brisket tasted like chocolate :~o). Then I went for a drive in the hills. The moon was so bright and full I could see moonbeams coming through the cloud like sun rays.

photo 2-8

I tried to get a picture and God swept the clouds over a bit. He says “Somethings are meant just for you to see. I am available to others and while I appreciate you taking the time to honor the moment, this one is about bathing within it. Some people covet sensuality and withhold their moonlight. And some abuse the moonlight and take it for granted. Imagine if I were to withhold my grace and beauty out of fear of not being appreciated, I give in spite of that knowing it is the only way to feed my garden, all of you. Your garden is yourself. Your moonlight is my grace. It heals and inspires others of me. Don’t let hate dull your Love. Enjoy nature. What others interpret is their own darkness because they fear the moonlight. The sting of truth, bliss and creation.”

The Feminine (moonlight) is a very sacred gift. We move with the tides of the ocean, clearing out negative energy. We ingest, reflect, analyze, transform and bleed out toxic emotions and patterns. We swell with the moons and the tides (ideas) and regulate the rhythms of mankind with our oceans of grace. Don’t let that become stagnant and viral. Stress, masculine tendencies and birth control can block us from hearing the heartbeat of mother earth. Move your body and retune your beat to your natural movement and flow without restrictions and control by patriarchal or matriarchal molds and expectations. This applies to men and women, we all have yin and yang within us. Take time to bathe in and enjoy your own moonlight and recharge while others bask in your glow. You are light that cannot be caught and contained without your participation. If you feel tainted, clean your filters ;) xoxo




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