Lady Madonna: children at your feat

typical spoiled “white boy guilt” behavior across the globe: pick up lines by the guys who aren’t “too shy” lol mostly shy and insecure boys looking for  attention, a cum dumpster/wet nurse and superficial approval


6 minutes ago

e-child: Hey 😛 x

me: hello :)

e-snail: How’re you?

me: i’m good thanks – you?

e-snail: I’m good thanks! Your hot x

me: well thanks so are you :)
i’m sneaky too lol ;)

e-snail: Where you from

me: austin tx – you?

e-snail: I’m from Manchester Englandx

Have you got snap chat x
me: nah i don’t do that stuff
e-snail: Skype lol
me: waste of time – all fantasy – there are plenty of sexy pics and vids of me here:
personalized interactions and my time/effort are not for free to strangers (my work is my charity) – i was webcam model – if you want that type of babysitting it’s $3/min :)
e-snail: Omg your so hot
me: thank you :) lol

e-snail: Download snap chat x

 me: no thanks hon but you go have fun xox
e-snail: I would have slaved for you 😈
me: oh yeah? then pay the $3/min lol
e-snail: I’ve no money only pay day tomorrow haha
me: i guess i’lll see you tomorrow ;) xo
e-snail: Yep haha! X
(yeah right)
me: ;)
reply: “This person can’t get messages right now.”
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.48.24 AM
(he blocked me because he can’t get free pussy and he’s ashamed of treating me like a dispensable slut or a baseball card,  that’s the typical m.o. of a “nice guy”: running and hiding from facing the truth of themselves and their behaviors, sweeping it under the rug because they are  too immature for responsibility or accountability….ahem…religions aka. “sluts”: relieving obligation in exchange for slavery by rearranging the truth and feeding you a line or “pretty” story…’jesus’s go fishing/fiching) 
1363584064751_jaimebaxtermy algorhythms
full cow for organic heterogenized “milk” distribution 
(milking my attention)
on-line tap: only $3/min lol
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.13.28 AM
this one’s on me :) xo
19 minutes ago

: Hi

me: hello – don’t remember me?

: Of course i do.. I only blocked you because I thought you was a fake profile

 But cleary your not if you’ve added me on this one lol
me: oh lol – why would it be fake? that would be a lot of work for nothing

: I know! Can you please delete that thing you’ve posted in that page?

me: why should i do that?

 :Because I can accpet you then

 And I was seeing if you was a fake or not.. I didn’t block you like that
me: i don’t care whether you accept me or not – you need to accept your situation and your behavior in order to lead a more productive existence- get girls that want to please you
then why did you tell me you’d see me tomorrow?

: I understand lol and I only get paid tomorrow

me: but then you immediately block me – you dont have to blatantly lie, what is the compulsion to do that instead of saying nothing?
so it doesn’t matter when you got paid
: I honestly thought you were fake and a scam sorry
me: you’re the scam hon ;) i’m a female in a sick world – imagine…
 :Haha I can imagine
What you doing
me: nm – about to get something to eat and take a drive – just got up from a nap to work but i need a quick break :) what about you?

: Nothing getting ready for work my self, I’m so tired though can’t be bothered

me: what do you do?

: I’m a chef :)

 Listen please will you remove that thing on that site x
me: why do you care?
no one will treat you as you did me and add you just to fuck with you
you’re ego is too big – you’re nothing special – by that i mean different. don’t worry about the judgment of your peers, they are the same. don’t worry about the women because your approach will push them away anyhow. you were screwed before you met me ;) this is no shocking news flash to anyone, you’re only fooling yourself

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