system breach: stoning with pills


e-male:  I added you looking for a ‘Jenny’ I went to high school with, glad I did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on masturbation stress and impotence. it really hurts my girlfriends feelings so I take cialis secretly, I’ll work on lowering my stress levels now, I fell much less embarrassed after listening to your sound cloud, anyways just reaching out to say thank you for sharing

me: thank you so much for sharing that :) i understand where she is coming from. In my boyfriend experience i had no problem getting them hard again after sex. When i got married my husband had issues staying hard and could only get hard once a day. i took that as a personal failure because i couldn’t do what i’d done before and figured it was my level of attraction and that i didn’t turn him on enough. she wants to feel confident and attractive, i know it’s not that she isn’t – remind her in small ways like back rubs – adoring her feet :) and playing with her hair to relax her – remind her that you find her beautiful – maybe even take her out and let her know what you’d like her to wear so you can ogle her – little things like that – it will help relax her and she (your connection) is key to helping you clear mental blocks and feel capable and find your connection to yourself and let go of expectation and enjoy the moment :) thanks for listening and the message – feel free to ask me questions anytime! xo



some people (and critics) are so caught up on boobs and dildos they don’t realize there are people suffering because of something they don’t understand and are all being misled by people looking to make profit, shame and blind the ‘patient’ and create further problems – these pills haven’t been under study in the field for very long – just like antidepressants or birth control – these current generations are the guinea pigs for big pharming plantations


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