Phantom Gargle


 cheesy ad tactics to create a mental recall 

Kinda sounds like a wet dream but it’s a name I came up with to sell you dudes on a practice you might employ during your daily activities, or non activities, without even looking like you’re doing anything. It doesn’t take props or a drive to the gym and hardly any effort at all. It will help you revive and restore your senses by initiating the release of holding patterns that make keep you blocked mentally, emotionally, or physically.  It’s a gem I picked up from a yoga teacher of mine, along with another idea of hers, to help myself release the gripping  in the deeper crevices of my nervous system that I couldn’t seem to shift with the gross body.

Our body is a pressure system. We have our fleshy and muscle body, our skeletal and our nervous system. The nervous system is woven throughout our bodies in an ever-branching pattern to encapsulate, animate and maintain our physical being. Our heart creates the electrical impulse and the pattern of the pulmonary system affects the pulse and circulatory system. In short, our breath regulates our nervous system, our nervous system affects our muscular body, our muscular body affects our skeletal body. What creates the impulse to he heart? That’s where emotions are processed. The mind is in connection to the heart’s reaction which creates the electrical impulse to the nervous system, which can be regulated with awareness and breath. When there is disconnect between the mind and heart we can become out of sync with our Nature. This will end up showing in our physical body as tension or dis-ease essentially from the butterfly effect of our thoughts, habitual beliefs and nervous system.

What is tension? Physically speaking it is the electrical, or nervous system, holding breath in a space and therefore creating a density and weight, or focus, around it. When we hold that tension in a habitual pattern we can eventually feel petrified in that area because the flow of oxygen is strained and restricted. Petrified is a perfect word because it explains in two fold. In one way, the physical feeling of the dense muscle. Like when you feel a knot during a massage, which is a more gross body example of manifested mental tension. The knot most like isn’t the source of tension but the areas around the knot the created the kink in the weave of the nerve branches. Secondly, petrified gives the cause of itself in the mental sense. When we create a holding pattern of tension it is out of fear of releasing the guard around an area of vulnerability. The nervous system is triggered into holding when the mind encounters something it can’t reconcile rationally and that creates an emotional vulnerability. This is like any defense mechanism, but without releasing can become a vice that puts a choke hold on the flow of oxygen to areas of unknown tension. Because our body is a pressure system we need to work it out-ward and release internally to avoid pressure build up. This practice can be like a mini Big Bang to help dissipate condensed tension build up.

Because of the nature of this blog I have to mention also the importance of oxygen when it comes to feeling sensation in orgasm. Imagine a house in the winter all warm inside from running the heater, so warm you have to wear a t-shirt indoors. Then you look outside and notice it snowing and you hear the cold wind blow through. Then you decide to open the window and the first sensation is a satisfying tingle just before the chill catches you. For me, that initial burst of air is what it feels like, on a smaller scale, when I can release a holding pattern and allow breath and sensation to move back in and out of an area that has become petrified. This release will play out on each body field  you have: Physical, emotional and mental (these work in parallel to each other). The combination of access to the opened areas in the three bodies creates the opportunity for greater sensation and satisfaction when it comes to releasing through orgasm. You learn to expand your attention into more than one area at a time which will also, in tandem, increase the sensation of the areas you were previously overwhelming with stimulation.

The Practice:

Many of us born in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s are from a more upper chakra generational system. This is one reason most of us are more mentally than physically rooted. This can lead to wanting to understand something before experiencing it which can play out in trying to “fix” things about ourselves with added external information or psychological analyzation. But the brain is a much smaller system than the muscular body but we can use our brains to figure out which might be more efficient in affecting the other in a size fight. You might argue that the power of the mind is more powerful than the body and it’s precisely that reason that it is beneficial to use the body to release the powerful gripping patterns of the mind.

This practice is held in the space where these two fields become almost indistinguishable so it is working from the inside out by rewiring the patterns we send to the physical. It’s where mental focus roots itself into our nervous system and then sends out the pattern in waves throughout the body in a vibration like a radio signal through, usually unconscious and unknowing, mental acceptance.

Here it is: Without physically doing it, gargle in the back of your throat. Just think of the muscles you would you use to do this, let your muscle memory guide you through your mental imagery of gargling water. Can you feel the energetic movement in the muscles without actually manipulating physical movement? Can you feel a subtle opening and awareness in the back of your throat? If so, you are doing the phantom gargle and creating an energetic pulse to initiate circulation and movement. The more you practice it you will increase awareness and sensation as tension dissolves and allows energy to flow more freely. On the next round, try inviting breath into the open space as you “gargle”. You can allow the body to move if it feels necessary or pleasurable but the idea is to start to release energetically and also recognize the way you feel energy within the body.

Now let’s try it in other areas of the body we might be holding. Imagine “gargling” in these areas:

  • the space between the cheek and jaw bones nearing behind the ears
  • the inner ears
  • behind the eyeballs
  • behind the bridge of the nose to initiate opening in the sinuses
  • the base of the skull to release the neck
  • the base of the brain stem to stimulate the pineal gland
  • bottom of the throat
  • the lungs as you breath in
  • ribs
  • the heart
  • the tailbone
  • your genitals
  • your butt bones
  • back of your knees
  • soles of the feet
  • upper arms
  • palms of the hands

You can really try it anywhere, I tend to use it more in the head and upper chest when I’m doing it on the go but recommend trying it for any area you feel tension has settled.


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