Sexual Energetics

Energy runs on grids. Our body is a grid-like mechanism that we can learn to work energy through. When we lose density by flushing out stagnant and built up electrical charge we can open to the more subtle fields around us. Physically, for me, air becomes more tangible like water but I’m also able to feel the “lines” in the space around me, my body connects to something outside of itself that I can reach towards and feel support me and even moves my body for me if I allow myself to slow down enough. Imagine how that physical effect and practice might expand the abilities and available fields of the mind. Yoga helps me connect to the realness of life and go beyond what people tend to expect life to be. I’ve discovered new appreciations in small movements and find it frustrating to live in a world of superficial and fast consumption.

Sex, for me, real sex is about expanding those energy channels through out the entire body and mind along with the heart .I don’t see sex as being so much about the other person but connecting to the god energy and bathing in it. So I put vids like this out hopefully to inspire movements in order to bring more awareness in touches, slowing down to envelop the energy of a moment and not shoot through it on a pornographic idea of what sex is. I can sit on a hard stick anytime I’d like, plenty of trees out there for impotents to be jealous of, what I yearn for is to be absorbed by another body using our entire bodies and giving into the energies, getting lost in the sensations and not having to focus towards a goal but letting it take you somewhere unexplainable, that is true relaxation and release.

There’s too much “hands off” sex out there from practicing solely as an observer instead of connecting to yourself. I know it’s hard to face yourself sometimes since you’ve been so conditioned to be afraid of e-motions instead of violence (which might lead you to violence towards yourself), as manly as that sounds…. To be better in bed is to first off be better with your own body in order to respond in a way that evokes the energetic response within another. But all too often I find that no matter how connected you are to yourself you cannot be turned on by an unresponsive partner who is too dense to feel the moment anywhere than their penis or other limited and commercially designated locations. This world has become such a waste of good opportunity because of convenience. Too many people are allowing themselves to be spoiled rotten by technology and forgetting that it is preschool level technology when compared to the body and senses that they allow to go to waste. The sexual organs house the energy that is meant to be expanded and not diminished by restricting it’s path with conditioned and triggered responses.

If you’re one of those skinny-fat lazy dudes who’s not really all that “good looking” or interesting but expect to find a hot and interesting girl who wants to please them. fuck you – get off your ass and learn to be a pleasure first (and put away the porn/visual vice/robotic sex, connect to your body and reteach yourself what pleasure is, not what was sold to you as pleasure- you got ripped off, you should be frustrated… have some fucking independence please) instead of expecting all of us to mother you, it’s a huge turn off and we’ll never enjoy sucking your soggy, spoiled, porn fried dick and no, it’s not normal…just becoming the norm as you all degraded together as a species

now please watch my boring yoga practice and learn something, dumbass – you don’t need a fucking gym membership. get up and learn to move, energy is readily available and begging for you to learn how to use it. AND!!! there are lots of horny and unsatisfied women out there – you might be able to catch a break into the market… learning to dance with energy in movement will change your entire energetics including your magnetism… subtle changes in movement have a huge impact on impressions because you exude your tension patterns in every movement and sound you make, all of which is picked up in the subconscious of others.

and remember it’s a practice not a perfect – I find more relaxation and relief in laughing at my struggles rather than scolding myself for them – I also hope you’ll find the humor in the message too but also the seriousness and take it into consideration rather than in offense…cus I think we all know what I mean ;)

and here are some easy practices to start with:




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