attack of the paranoids

  • comment stream in respose to THIS – just happened to be from the same assholes i remember as assholes in school
    Arlessa Wise: Jennifer, I understand where you are coming from and I do appreciate what you do. My question to you is this : Do you consider it a form of entrapment the way you purposely stage your photos (by self admittance)? We all know men are pervs, it’s in their nature. Of course the level of perversion depends on self control as does with women. Do you do this because it is fueled by your pain through your past situations at the hands of men. Is the want to entrap them only to put them on blast help with your healing process? I’m not at all judging you. I think you have a beautiful soul. I am asking because I felt drawn to ask.
    • Jennifer Guillory its a fair and good question and one i’ve gotten before – i feel my photos are authentic – there are many more things i could do to be shocking – there is an artistic element of needing to be relatable and because men are so visually dependent i would be leaving out that mode of communication to make a well rounded point in association with the subjective nature – i wouldn’t say i stage my photos (thanks for trying to implant artificial fact with your phrasing though) but have had to share more of myself than i normally would to try to relay my message and give example of my translation rather than leaving it up to those perhaps less authentic and “posing” for more predatory or selfish reasons – i don’t feel i’m trapping men, there are tons of gals they can be lured in by – just exposing the truth – i don’t make them react in that way – i don’t find my photos that provocative but enough to catch the attention of those who can “relate” to them not to be approached by married men so i can call them out – but if the opportunity to enlighten by example is there then i share it – its just reality – why keep ignoring the elephant in the room?
    • Jennifer Guillory and thank you!
    • Arlessa Wise I get what you are saying and where you are coming from. I just feel as though a person’s genuine healing will not come from “teaching others a lesson” or “exposing them for their true nature” it’s a loose web being woven that can only create more pain in the long run because through those tactics, the ones on the “being exposed side” can lash out. I just would hate to see that happen. Not saying it will…But to truly heal is to allow the suffering and then move past it. Just giving my thoughts through what I have learned in my spiritual journey. We each are on a different path, I respect that. Like I said, I was drawn to ask.
    • Jennifer Guillory thank you – i appreciate the concern truly – always nice to have other watching out for us and i do keep myself questioned on what i’m learning and why is this necessary – most of what i post is about lower level stuff – i kind of have to address things after i’ve worked my stuff out but of course i’m always learning – i understand the “draw” and respect your asking and thank you for making me reflect and reconfirm to myself that this is making a shift, its nice to have the chance to give deeper explanation – things i leave out that complicate the message and i just keep in my heart smile emoticon xo if i hadn’t moved on i don’t think i would be able to do this work – but it is part of my journey and one that has allowed me to heal y finding compassion for those i once blamed otherwise it would be pointless, not helpful and too painful to address – i’d prob just go eat a bag of donuts instead wink emoticon i’ll save those for other issues lol
  • Amethyst Lee Farr Does it ever concern you that you aren’t making a point at all? That very seldom so we find people that relate to our passion no matter how much we try? Logic doesn’t always work. The elephant in the room is still ignored by those who don’t respect it.
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  • Jennifer Guillory and they have that right – i’m willing to take the risk rather than allowing it to fester – of those who don’t get it that’s ok there are plenty that do and make it worth it, this grew out of need and i fought it all the way lol- but its worth it to me – i don’t care about boobies or pacification – i’m working for something bigger – if it triggers someone then there’s a reason, look deeper – if not then why is me doing this any less logical than someone spending 8hours a day in the same chair 5 days a week staring at a computer? might as well give them something worth thinking about
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  • Dusty Kiefer Seems to me like u r baiting these guys in and then berating them for checking it out. I don’t get it. What is your point? If u r trying to cleanse the world of perverted dudes, good luck. Seems a spiritual person would not project themselves into so much drama.
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    • Jennifer Guillory i understand how you can see it that way – as a spiritual person i don’t judge the workings of the universe – if i were merely there to berate i wouldn’t be trying to help also – i’m not berating – i’m speaking the truth and if you can’t handle it and if comes off as mean because it triggers something in you then you’re right – can’t cleanse the whole world – i’m just trying to offer an alternative and it involves the issues i deal with in life – you want me only to share what you deem entertaining and not offensive? please send me my script – as a spiritual person i believe in putting myself out there even if i’m persecuted to attempt my message – if i fall and others laugh doesn’t weaken my faith in what i’m doing – if you have a better way please tell me – i honestly appreciate suggestions
    • Dusty Kiefer I would be concerned that the message is not matching the presentation. But if those are the tactics u feel u need to take then go for it. Personally I watched the video on mute anyway wink emoticon
    • Jennifer Guillory haha – yeah that happens wink emoticon thats why i gotta use all forms – the message doesn’t seem to match because some people only associate those images to a certain feeling or situation – there are girls who are too shy to take selflies but post pics of their feet by some outdoor setting – guys create fetishes and jack off to that stuff too – what isn’t porn these days? this is one other complicated bridge i’m trying to connect
    • Jennifer Guillory
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  • Melody Manlove Farkas my two cents – creating pain doesn’t cure it
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    • Jennifer Guillory neither does ignoring it – if your husband was cheating and lying and you were building your future on lies and broken communication – would you want to know so that you may be able to bridge the gap or at least live in a “real” world or continue hiding yourself in your children, ignore the pain and setting them up by example for the same outcome?
    • Jennifer Guillory same to you brit – wink wink we all remember your dad – how’s your nuclear family? sure seem interested in all this wink emoticon
    • Melody Manlove Farkas I think people’s marriage is theirs to tend to, when we put ourselves into others relationships we bring in a perspective that is partial and not ‘all knowing’. Let them figure themselves out. Just bc our own experiences make us ‘sensitive’ to certain behaviors doesn’t give us access to go ‘enlighten’ everyone else. Let the world be what the world will be. Some people like or need to live in ignorance and bliss.
    • Melody Manlove Farkas who are we to choose how someone elses marriage should be. – again my opinion, and everyone had theirs. just chiming in.
    • Jennifer Guillory then he should have left me out of it – if/when i was married i wouldn’t see this side either, didn’t make me hate him for cheating but i didn’t want to be lied to – if he were honest with his wife she wouldn’t care and none of this would matter – what happens from here is not my problem – – there are endless ways a relationship can be set up – I’m just showing what happens in my life – this is just one example – i could ignore it but why – if by addressing it people think i should just mind my own business then they should just listen to their own advice and if they want to live in ignorance i respect that too – i don’t control what they read or where their eyeballs land but i’m not going to fence myself and treat them like children
    • Jennifer Guillory
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  • Amethyst Lee Farr I think that is tacky.
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  • Amethyst Lee Farr I was not attacking you. I don’t understand the aggression. I’m not tacky. Far from perfect but certainly not tacky. You appear to just be angry and or “stirring the pot” how is any of this good for a better world.
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    • Jennifer Guillory communication regression leads to total failure – lies distort reality
    • Amethyst Lee Farr Okay. I get that. Do you believe that reality is relative. Or is your reality the best?
    • Jennifer Guillory the reality i’m in now id say is not the best or i wouldn’t be doing this – because i have a vision of what could be better is what motivates me in the first place – if i didn’t believe people were really good then i wouldn’t see potential or reason to may any effort – i’ve been on the other side of this perspective and i get it – i don’t mind if i anger people – i would have avoided it before but its all emotion – not regulated by me wink emoticon
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    • Amethyst Lee Farr Making people uncomfortable with the truth is one thing, calling names is totally different. I hope you find a a happier “reality” I really do.
    • Jennifer Guillory i apologize but trying to use other words in lieu of name calling is the same
    • Amethyst Lee Farr I was just trying to understand.
    • Jennifer Guillory i really do apologize – its not easy trying to convey what is really well meaning and loving but because of the nature i get shit thrown at me all the time – i know it looks a certain way and i’m willing to take the “reputation” and hope some day it will all make sense
    • Jennifer Guillory
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  • Arlessa Wise To be honest, pulling someone else’s life past or present into the thread isn’t necessary. It’s none of our business what ever happened in Brittany’s life. I’m confused as to why you would take it to those lengths? The thread is open for discussion about what you posted because you invited it by posting. Pulling someone else into it by personalizing on them because they choose to like someone else’s comment, is questionable on your part as of now. I am in no way trying to gang up on you, this is just backing up what I said in the beginning. Hurting someone else to help you heal isn’t ok and it will only lead to more suffering.
    • Jennifer Guillory who says i’m suffering? i’m trying to communicate reality and something apparently very hard for people to understand so it will take time and if that upsets others then big whoop – they don’t see the bigger picture – that’s what visionaries are for – if i ignore the problem then i’m just condoning it – i thought you were psychic? tap in hon – that’s right i invited it by posting and they involved themselves – they didn’t have to “like” anything – they wanted to be seen passive aggressively or would have ignored it but hid behind a thumbs up rather than having a voice which is fine but i’m allowed to use mine – semantics
    •  Arlessa Wise I’m not psychic. I do not believe that someone can tell you what your future holds. We are creatures of free will, we can change our path by simply taking longer to tie our shoe. I prefer not yo use labels but I am a medium/empath… I speak with souls no longer in our physical realm, read/feel other’s energy/aura as well as help in the cleansing and soul healing processes and past life regression meditations. I am honing in just fine with what I am speaking on. I realize now that I don’t think you are very open to other’s honestly trying to help you. Instead you pull something from their lives and twist it to try and make your point and that, is not a part of being an enlightened person seeking a spiritual path. Good luck to you, Jennifer. I wish you the best.
  • Melody Manlove Farkas and now your message is lost – by making the personal jabs at people all your validity goes out the window. Now no one hears what you are trying to say over your tone.
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  • Lauren Wells · Friends with Eric A Bourque and 2 othersWow! You bring no message and I don’t even know what point you were trying to make. You berated him onto a sexual path in your convo, reguardless of what his intent was. I’m guessing you have been cheated on but you are bringing no one healing, including yourself.
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  • Jamie DiMarco That’s the fucking message. ^^ “I see a lot of your blogs…” – dude knew exactly what he was doing. She didn’t berate him into anything. Maybe some should be questioning why we, as a society, are so brainwashed into thinking the woman can’t be a woman without asking for it? And then get smacked down for not taking it like a good girl.
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  • Amethyst Lee Farr I missed that as soon as Jennifer asked if he wanted a “party girl”. He didn’t message her and say let me see your tits he said did you graduate from deer park? I think that’s harmless. She lead the convo he followed. He was even given opportunities to be a creep and say yes to party girl. He apologized for offending. I don’t pretend to know your motivation or his. He is not bad because he is a male.
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    • Jennifer Guillory i also answered that my job a was a yoga teacher – i could have used another of my titles – i interceding early so he wouldn’t just keep trying to be coy, i know you all would rather i gotten a juicier bust and a more entertaining story but i didn’t ask “are you looking for a party girl?” to say “i’m right here!!!!” but to let him know not to keep the act up and find someone else
  • Jamie DiMarco Part of the problem ^^^ #feminismisback
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  • Amethyst Lee Farr It’s very presumptuous of you. Maybe jumping the gun and being offensive when trying to promote equality and anti victimization is part of the problem. #youdontknowmystruggle
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  • Melody Manlove Farkas And no one claimed he was innocent. People were questioning the path in which the convo was guided, ultimately leading to contacting the wife.
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  • Amethyst Lee Farr It’s like standing in a pile of ants and expecting not to get bit. Just step out of the ants. Don’t start a revolution against them
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    • Jennifer Guillory how many times have you been raped? it starts with the small stuff
    • Jennifer Guillory and atttitudes
    • Melody Manlove Farkas He didn’t rape you. Can’t compare then all to a rapist. That’s unfair.
    • Amethyst Lee Farr How many men have you met that didn’t rape you or compromise your right to be who you are?
    • Jennifer Guillory no and i’m not claiming that he did but it exists because these attitudes continue going looked over like they are toddlers – its not fair to the wife – she has a right to know what is going on – i could have teased him and not been straight forward and gotten some dirty details but is that what people want? his wife is a big girl and can figure it out and hate me but i’m just getting it from people who have nothing better to do
    • Jennifer Guillory many of them and we’ve lost many good guys to this issue and some really want to do something about it and are terrified of their desires – i’m not trying to say they are horrible but that was an honest conversation – if you’ve been approached as often you’d recognize the pattern – just because the approach has been finessed doesn’t mean the motive isn’t the same – especially in this tech world guys are extra careful with languaging and sniffing out a situation before the come on – do i have to resort to that every time? that blog is another post. this one is about the subtle approach – he knew what i did when he asked and knew where the convo was leading with his inquiry – why would a married man do that? if he saw the vids he knew what he was walking into – he could have walked away – he sent me a friend request a week ago that i denied and came back again with another request – that’s not a casual thing
    • Amethyst Lee Farr If your intention is to heal and help the wife, why the public shaming? Why not privately? Why do you feel the need to be a cheater vigilante? By what youre doing its shaming the wife (victim) the person youre claiming to want to help) maybe next time you could do that privately?
    • Jennifer Guillory i don’t see the shame? and he has to take his own responsibility – he put her in that position by sneaking all i did was report the truth and reality
    • Jennifer Guillory
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  • Amethyst Lee Farr I’m not allowed to be compassionate about something? That equates to me having “nothing better to do”
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    • Jennifer Guillory feeling the collective – didn’t mean to personalize and your’e right – maybe it s a little different for you and maybe a little the same when you just want to be expressive with the body nature gave you without having to defend it – i’ve talked with so many men who hide secrets from their wives and are suffering – many really want to be caught and just be able to communicate – i see an opportunity to try to help with that
  • Eli Ashby · Friends with Matt Hannusch and 5 othersI’m just going to say what everyone wants to say. Jennifer, your manufactured plight is ridiculous and you are just creating unnecessary problems for people. This all makes you kind of an asshole. Newsflash YOU ARE NOT THE MARTYR YOU THINK YOU ARE.
  • Kevin Martin Self obsessed cam girl troll? Damn, I totally thought the dude was gonna be the creeper…
    • Jennifer Guillory equality baby – dont like the competition? except this troll doesn’t want to fuck you
    • Jennifer Guillory but seriously – what am i doing that’s creeping? i’ve not lured anyone in, just been transparent – my pics are up but so are the links to my blogs – i can be seen or heard only? i’m the one being approached and trolled
    • Jennifer Guillory
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  • Matthew Jack I must say Jennifer you come off as a girl that has some pinned up hate towards men. This unbelievable crap I just read is you playing games. Let me be clear when I say not ALL men are out to get you! Yes there are some bad ones out there but for you to try and bait someone into something then turn around and try to put him in his place by going after his wife is childish and really immature. I felt compassion for you from the last status I read and tried to help you understand that some men are bad but not all men. Why even go this direction? Why try to see what you can get away with? Oh and please tell my wife I’m trying to stalk you, she would laugh in your face. Grow up and move forward from the wrong that has been done to you. Be above it and actually help others not bagger men in the manner in which I see above. If you state you work for God, I must say it doesn’t show through this type of baiting message! Good luck!!! SMH
    • Jennifer Guillory if i’d felt all men were that way why would i bother? have some patience dude – maybe someday you’ll get it – i didn’t bait anyone
    • Matthew Jack Why patience? I completely understand what you were doing it’s extremely obvious. You’re trying to put a perv in his place. How about be real and just tell him you’re not interested from the beginning? Again some men have wronged you but by retaliating in this manner makes you look very childish. I get it you’re just having fun and passing the time but at the cost of others. That’s not godly! To claim equality is a joke. If a man posted half nude pics of himself he is looking for SOMETHING, compliments or some kind of attention. Oh and calling men perv’s is hilarious considering there are plenty of women out there that are way more perverted then half the shit I hear from men and this is coming from a MAN that grew up in a house with all women.
    • Jennifer Guilloryi see plenty of topless guys not looking for sex – i know there there is the same on the women’s side – i’m not posting every advance that comes my way – this is one post of hundreds and only 3 have called men out on fb advances – only 2 married ones out of tons but do i need to post of all of them? there’s not enough time to and i don’t get paid for this work – i could get paid if i entertained the husbands and BAITED them – perverted doesn’t mean something “wrong” it means distortion – you are taking ONE instance and saying that’s what this is all about – educate yourself first
      i do have healthy male relations i’m not lacking in that department – not every guy is like this (or you – though i’m too “mature” for your tastes anyway – your type likes that fresh meat- you guys’ less shaming buzz word is “nubile”)
      good luck to of all your children!

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